How to Love Yourself after a Broken Heart

When you find out that your partner is cheating the pain can be unbearable, different from any other pain you’ve experienced and there’s really no escaping it. All you can do is accept what happened and move on with your life. It can be quite difficult to start all over especially taking care of yourself but it is the smartest decision you can make.

It’s not easy to start and move on with your life that’s why we came up with some helpful tips that can keep you busy.


It’s okay to cry.


Tell yourself that it’s okay to cry. Feel your emotions but remember to take a deep breath. Relationship experts have suggested that a good long cry really helps make you feel better overall. Even if you have to scream and shout, allow yourself to do so.


Don’t turn away from family and friends.


Most people tend to want to stay alone and shy away from friends whilst mending a broken heart. It might be due to the fear of being judged, criticised or the fear that your friends won’t understand your feelings.

But ask yourself, how can you possibly know for sure, if you don’t attempt to reach out to someone whose closes to you. It’s best to reach out to someone you know that wouldn’t judge you and provide you the support you need to get through the pain.


Understand and accept what happened.


At some point you will have to accept what happened and allow your partner to explain to you even though it may hurt. It will help you move on faster if you have a better understanding of what happened or what went wrong with your relationship.



Don’t blame yourself for what happened.


It’s easy to blame yourself for what happened to your relationship but keep in mind that it wasn’t your fault at all. Your partner had the commitment to stay true and loyal to you but he decided to break this promise.

Don’t make hasty decisions especially big ones.


After you have a good understanding of what happened, focus and evaluate your options. Make sure to allow yourself enough time before you proceed with any big decisions. You’ll need to decide whether to move on and forgive your partner for his infidelity or end your relationship with him. It’s a tough decision to make which is why you need to have a clear head so you can avoid making hasty decisions only to regret it in the end.


Don’t use social media to lash out at your partner.


You should avoid lashing out at your partner in social media. It doesn’t help the situation and will only result in unnecessary misunderstandings and confusion. Try to avoid posting pretentious photos as a way to take revenge and make your partner feel jealous. Give yourself time and avoid social media for the time being.


Don’t forget to take care of yourself.


Whatever your decision is, always remember to take good care of yourself because no one else will. You will need to muster the courage to move on from the heartbreak and start paying attention to yourself. In most cases, women who are broken hearted tend to skip meals or eat loads of food they don’t need.

Remember to stay healthy and fit. Do exercises and meditate. Go back to the things that make you happy and keep yourself busy. Don’t forget to take care of yourself physically as well as emotionally.

Indulge with good skincare and beauty products to help you look and feel great about yourself. If you haven’t started looking after yourself then maybe it’s about time you should. Sometimes relationships are broken because women forget to take care of themselves especially after being married for so long. We forget that we are responsible for keeping ourselves fit and healthy.


The pain doesn’t go away instantly but taking one step at a time helps you to move on and learn from this experience the best way you can.


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