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The Pure Oil Company – 100% Chia Seed Facial Oil 25ml

The Pure Oil Company’s Chia Seed Facial Oilis considered the richest botanical source of omega-3 fatty acids found in nature, offering more than flax seed or fish oil. These fatty acids work to encourage a plumper look to the skin. They also help maintain moisture levels, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as relieving dryness and peeling. Best for dry and ageing skin.

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Chia Seed is actually a member of the mint family, and have long been used for centuries by the Incan and Mayan cultures, where they were an important energy source because of their high protein content. In fact, the Indians of the Southwest and Mexico used to call the seeds “running food” because of their high energy content. Today Chia Seeds are not only a food, but an extremely well known botanical source with amazing skincare benefits.

An ode to the traditional way of skincare, our pure natural oils are made using only cold press techniques and are completely unrefined, allowing us to retain all the natural goodness found in the ingredients used. Our oils are intensely moisturising and naturally scented.

The Pure Oil Company’s Chia Seed Oil may also assist with the following:


How to Use:

Massage 3-4 drops directly onto clean damp skin twice daily or as required. We also recommend adding it to your favourite skincare products to give it an extra boost!

Suitable for all skin types
For external use only.
Do not apply to broken skin.
We recommend patch testing before use

The Pure Oil Company’s collection of pure facial oils represents the finest and most beneficial carrier oils in the world today. Each oil holds the living essence of its natural botanical source, which are gently cold pressed from plants that are nurtured and carefully harvested throughout all corners of the globe. Each oil passes strict standards of purity and potency. A beautiful array of botanical ingredients, that can be used individually, blended or added to your favourite products for more personalised benefits.


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100% Salvia Hispanica (Chia Seed Oil)


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