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Heal Your Gut: Supercharged Food by Lee Holmes

Trust your gut, as they say. However, are we taking care of them? It may sound like a silly question but our gut is one of the most important part of our body. Heal Your Gut by Lee Holmes is an amazing book that helps you understand the importance of gut health. It includes step by step guides, great recipes, healing programs, and more!


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Heal Your Gut: Supercharged Food by Lee Holmes is a must-have book for gut health. The gut plays a big role in the overall health. It is an all-in-one book for you and your gut. A lot of nutritionists recommend Heal Your Gut: Supercharged Food by Lee Holmes because:

  • It is informative, motivating, inspiring and has realistic protocols/goals to achieving good gut health.
  • It covers the connection between the gut and immune system, the gut and the brain and factors that contribute to gut health.
  • Learn about the stress, emotional and brain related aspects of gut health.
  • Includes a step by step guide on how to heal your gut.
  • It also features some amazing recipes with the awesome superfoods that will help heal the gut and also satisfy the taste buds.

Some consider this as the ultimate gut health guide. So, grab a copy, interact with it, make your own gut wellness plan, try out the savory recipes and trust your guts!


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