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Enema Bulb Irrigator 80mL (higginson syringe)

Another option to perform enema, this Enema Bulb Irrigator offers people with more ability to move the solution deeper into the colon. This enema bulb irrigator allows for smooth flow, less cramping, as well as, a thoroughly cleansing enema. This has 80ml liquid capacity with one end directly submerged into the solution and the other end w/ a tapered nozzle.

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Product Description

Enema Kits Australia – Enema Bulb Irrigator (Higginson syringe) 80ml is a great tool in order to undergo thoroughly cleansing enemas. This enema bulb irrigator is a one-way pump added to the enema hose or tubing that allows you to push the solution deeper into the colon.

This smooth flow Higginson syringe style bulb irrigator can be used with your existing enema bag or can – with one end submerged into the liquid, and the other end –which is fitted with a tapered nozzle, can be inserted directly into one’s rectum.

The liquid capacity of this is 80ml and has a length of 68cm.

Product Features:

  • 80ml liquid capacity
  • Tapered nozzle

Suggested Use:

Can you used with your existing bag or can; one end is submerged into the liquid or attached to the tubing, the other end with the tapered nozzle is inserted into the rectum.


Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm

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