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Disposable Enema Kit 1.5L – 3 Pack (0.3kg)

These Disposable Enemas are straight forward, and simply created with an all-inclusive design with everything needed for your at-home enema. They are great for traveling, or for first time enema users that want to try enemas before investing in a premium kit. The colon tube is thin which enables it to reach higher into the colon for a deeper cleanse.
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Product Description

Get Rid of Harmful Toxins When You’re On the Move with this Light and Compact Disposable Enema Kit.

Whether you’re on a short trip or away from home for a few days, you don’t need to miss out on your regular enema with this disposable kit. Light and easy to carry, it’s ready to use. You can use it once, or clean it and use it multiple times. This is a great starter kit for anyone wanting to try enemas for the first time.

This Pack Contains:

  • 1500ml bag with leak proof valve
  • 54 inch soft tube which has a pre-lubricated and non damaging tip with round open for easy and safety insertion.
  • Sachet of Castille soap with each enema kit
  • Tubing clamp allows you to easily control the enema liquid flow during your process.
  • Absorbent Pad with each enema kit
  • This kit contains 3 packs
  • Each packaged separately
  • It also comes with a full instruction card.

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