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Bodecare – Detox FSC Dry Body Brush

A premium quality, non-toxic, dry body brush made with heat treated wood and plant bristles from the Eco-friendly company Bodecare.  This brush has longer bristles that give a medium touch for a more sensitive skin, or first time brusher.  The brush is made with a short handle for hard to reach body parts.  Dry body brushing is an ancient health practice for lymphatic drainage, exfoliation, cellulite reduction, circulation stimulation and energising the body.  Use as a morning ritual at least 3 times a week for amazing health benefits.

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The Bodecare Detox FSC Dry Body Brush is part of a non-toxic range of Dry Body Brushes made in Europe.  It is made with FSC certified wood that is heat treated.  The bristles are made from steamed Tampico plant fibres, so is a vegan friendly product.   The bristles have been cut at 4.5cm length to provide more flex for a sensitive skin.  The Detox brush is classed as a medium strength an ideal for people new to dry skin brushing.   This brush is a premium quality that is used by professional day spas around the world.

Dry Skin Brushing is fantastic for skin and body health.  It stimulates your lymphatic system which helps to detoxify the body by encouraging waste removal.  It exfoliates the skin which increases cell turnover, and stimulates the circulation which bring nutrients and oxygen to the skin, thereby encouraging the skins natural collagen production.  Dry body brushing has been used for centuries to improve immune health and health of the skin.

How to Brush:   Use only on dry skin, do not use the brush wet.   Brush towards the major lymph nodes that are found behind the knees, in the groin, under the arms and at the neck.  Use quick straight strokes always towards the heart for best results.  You can also brush in a circular motion on the stomach to help with digestion.




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Beech Wood (FSC), Tampico Fibre


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