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Throughout history, Bentonite clay has been known as effective “healing clay” by various cultures as it has been very beneficial to people’s skin and health. The many nutrients, as well as detoxifying properties, are enough reason to consider this healing clay as a must-have ingredient to incorporate into your daily beauty and health routine. It has currently gained attention again due to its many benefits, typically associated with internal as well as external detoxification. However, one must take into account that bentonite clay differs so caution should be followed before using.

Bentonite Clay Powder – What is it exactly?

Bentonite Clay Powder is also known as “Montmorillonite Clay,” it is a well-known natural healing and detoxifying clay that originated from old volcanic ash. It has trace minerals and is considered the most cost-effective ingredient to detoxify the body since it is readily available. It is one of the 7 types of clay that is formed, from the clay family Smectite formed from volcanic ash. The other known clay families include Illite, Kaolin, Chlorite, Vermiculite, Allophane and Iron oxyhydroxides.

Bentonite Clay Australia also absorbs odour effectively. It has quite a unique formulation as it produces an electrical charge once it is hydrated. It transmits negative charges that bond with positive charges inherent in most toxins and chemicals. Once toxins and chemicals meet with it, it absorbs the impurities and toxins then release helpful minerals that may be of use to the body.

What are the common types of Bentonite Clay?

There are two grades of Bentonite Clay Powder, the industrial as well as the food grade.

Calcium bentonite is an example of food grade bentonite clay. It contains more calcium and is considered the best and safest to use internally and externally for detoxification use. It’s also known as Calcium Montmorillonite, smooth, fine and non-gritty, unlike Sodium bentonite. Green clay or natural calcium bentonite is well-known for its healing properties as it effectively absorbs impurities and toxins. It doesn’t have any taste and scent and contains alkaline that has a pH value of either 8 or 9 and up.

Sodium bentonite, on the other hand, is considered industrial as it is typically used for industrial purposes including but not limited to concrete, waterproofing, binders, liner material, etc. and external detoxification for the foot and skin. It contains a higher level of sodium and is not considered edible clay. It is capable of absorbing higher amounts of water and is likely to expand up to 15x its current volume, thus eating it would be dangerous as it can absorb too much water from the intestines and may cause constipation.

Although some Sodium bentonite clays are being sold as an edible clay, however, since it contains high amounts of sodium, one needs to take Apple Cider for example in order to neutralise the clay’s content of sodium. Still, one must take caution and make sure that the sodium bentonite they purchase is edible and follow instructions as recommended.

How does Bentonite work?

It is not a mystery that every day we encounter toxins numerous times that come in different forms. Try to take into consideration the processed food you eat, the toxins you breathe from fumes or chemically-infused products and heavy metal toxins such as cadmium, mercury, benzene, lead and more. With the help of bentonite nutrients and absorbing properties, your body will be rid of these toxins and impurities that will ultimately promote overall skin, body and health wellness.

Bentonite Australia contains an abundance of nutrients and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, silica, copper, iron, potassium and sodium. With food grade, bentonite clay powder as either a supplement, drink or for external use, the vitamins and minerals it has can be benefited by the body. Another good thing about it is its inherent capacity to create electrical charges once it comes in contact with fluids inside the body, which serves as oppositely charged substances, it binds with these thus absorbing and allowing the removal of chemicals, toxins, heavy metals and other impurities from the body, skin, gut and mouth.

What are the Top Benefits of Bentonite Clay Powder?

Here are some of the top benefits of Bentonite that you definitely need to consider:

  1. Great skincare detoxifying and exfoliating agent. – Bentonite is a wonderful addition to your skincare regimen especially for those with oily skin. With the inevitable toxins and impurities we encounter on a daily basis, our pores become clogged which may cause breakouts, blemishes and acne. But while using Bentonite clay mask this helps unblock pores thoroughly cleans your face and tightens your skin which reduces the size of pores. It is also known to improve facial redness, skin allergies as well as dermatitis. It also helps improve or control the production of sebum. Excess sebum blocks the hair follicles trapping dirt which typically results in whiteheads and blackheads.Some skin conditions wherein bentonite clay is beneficial to include blemishes, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, cuts, minor burns, bug bites, allergies and stings. 


  1. Promotes healthy digestion. – As we have tackled previously, a food grade bentonite clay powder assists in the removal of toxins, heavy metals and other chemicals that causes digestive distress in order to support a good and healthy digestion. With the help of bentonite, it has the capability to ease various digestive problems by neutralising bacteria from the gut as well as killing viruses.


  1. Helps support good oral health.Bentonite clay powder also helps with oral health due to its ability to bind to toxins and chemicals and then release minerals. Make sure to use food grade type of powder as it is non-gritty and tasteless, which is perfect for detoxifying teeth and gums without hurting the enamel.


  1. Helps boost the immune system. – It supports and boosts our immune system by effectively killing harmful bacteria and other gut-related problems. Furthermore, it improves the strength of your gut wall thus support a healthy immune system as well as healthy digestion.


  1. Can be a healthy baby powder substitute. – Some baby powders contain harmful toxins that may eventually lead to respiratory problems. Bentonite, on the other hand, is naturally cleansing, odourless and gentle on baby skin that will serve as a healthy and effective alternative for baby irritated skin or rash that needs soothing.


  1. Helps in removing dangerous fluoride in drinking water. – Bentonite powder also helps in effectively removing dangerous fluoride in drinking water that if left ignored may lead to serious health problems including thyroid dysfunction, brain damage and diabetes.


  1. Helps in reducing the appearance of scars. – It was found that Bentonite Australia clay powder also helps in lightening acne scars. It is an effective do-it-yourself home remedy to effectively reduce scar tissues.


  1. Promotes healthy soft, glowing and even skin tone. – It contains silica which is a trace mineral noted for strengthening connective tissues. As this mineral is absorbed into the skin, it makes it appear softer. You’ll also expect a definite glow as it effectively nourishes the skin by removing excess oil, dead skin as well as other impurities from the surface.


How to effectively use Bentonite?

  1. As a bentonite clay paste, mix it with water to soothe skin irritation including bites, burns, blemishes, itching and redness.


  1. Create and use as a poultice by applying a thick layer of bentonite clay onto the skin. After which apply a wet cloth or gauze on top.


  1. As a face mask, mix the bentonite powder with water; leave it on your face for twenty minutes then rinse. Do this at least once or twice a week.


  1. As a detoxifying bath, use ¼ cup then enjoy a soothing and relaxing bath to smooth and soften skin.


  1. For dental and oral health, you can mix with your toothpaste or use as is to clean and whiten teeth. It’s non-gritty and tasteless so it shouldn’t harm your gums and enamel.


  1. For healthy digestion and internal cleansing, mix a cup of water with ½ to a tsp of food grade bentonite powder or one that is labeled safe to eat or take internally. Use a container with a lid and shake the mixture. Drink this when you feel like you need your digestion.


  1. As a baby powder, no need to mix with water, it is smooth and can be used like you would a regular baby powder.


  1. Relief for pet’s vomiting and minor sickness, mix a little bentonite clay powder with water then use a syringe or dropper. Observe if sickness persists then have the vet check your pet.


Where to buy Bentonite Clay?

If you’re wondering where to buy bentonite clay as there are several online stores and even supermarkets that sell it, you’ll need to make sure that you’re buying high quality and food grade bentonite clay powder to be safe. Here at Love Thyself, you can browse through safe and high-quality bentonite clay powder that is safe to use internally and externally for overall wellness.

For any questions, feel free to contact us or call us and we’ll be very happy to assist you.


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