What is Charcoal Toothpaste & How does it work?
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Charcoal Is Black and It’s Back


We often associate black to impurities, stains and other negative things you can think of. Perhaps, you like the pearly and shiny gloss stuff when you go inside a shopping mall. Unlike black, white is generally associated with cleanliness and this is what we ultimately we’d love to achieve.

Activated Charcoal As A Chemical

During the early times, charcoal has played an integral part in the medical field. When mixed with other substances like flour or yeast, it turns into a cure or relief to different illnesses like ulcer and even cancer. This has been used  and proven to work effectively even the highest medical practitioners have been recommending the use of it. Most people have ignored this significant substance but history speaks for itself, how it became one of the indispensable chemical that has ever existed.

Choosing A Toothpaste

Traditionally, we use regular toothpaste to prevent tooth decay, freshen our breath and most importantly, whiten our teeth. Whenever we go to a supermarket, these are the minute details that we anticipate getting from different toothpaste brands that we have been using for a long time.  We switch to a new brand when we hear endorsement from our friends, family members and celebrities. However, it is always good to choose a brand that is derived from natural ingredients instead of choosing one that is laden with harmful chemicals.

Black Toothpaste? Anyone?

Facial masks, charcoal soaps, charcoal shampoos and charcoal toothpaste have been all over the media and even the popular brands are having their share in producing products containing activated carbon. Now, let’s talk about the oral care part.

Have you ever felt that your toothpaste is not working effectively in removing stains?

How about bad breath?

Were you promised that your teeth will whiten in just one use?

These are just some of the questions about your oral hygiene that we typically search for answers.

It works effectively. Imagine using an ingredient that is used and proven to detoxify and remove outer teeth stains easily, like a magnet which attracts dusts instantly. This was one of the ancient dental strategies with the use of charcoal toothpaste.

Fresh Breath. Of course, every sumptuous meal equals an unpleasant breath. Using charcoal toothpaste makes your breath odourless. It is clear and evident after unwanted particles are gone, bad breath is not even an issue.

Teeth Whitening. Most brands promise whitening of teeth and it is frustrating when you purchase an item that won’t fulfill its promise. Unlike a regular toothpaste, you will notice instantly that your teeth are clean and there will be no noticeable stains even after you have meals, particularly if you are a coffee lover.

These are available either in paste or powder form. It is up to you if you prefer powder, chances are, there will be smudges while you are using it. If you plan to use a toothpaste, it will be an easier process. Bottom line is, you need to adjust a little when it comes to the taste because it feels awkward at first but when you get used to it, it’ll definitely be worth it!

In the end, you only have few considerable reasons why you must start using it as part of your regimen. Only history and medical practitioners are living proof that is safe, effective and worth your money. Let us keep it that way, simple yet amazing results.

If you’re interested to try out Charcoal toothpaste, Love Thyself offers Charcoal toothpaste that will work well with your daily oral care needs. Click here to start your search for the best oral care product to brighten your smile!

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  1. Audrey McKinley 1 year ago

    After trying this product I find it hard to use regular toothpaste because they seem gritty in comparison. My teeth were noticeably whiter after the first use and my mouth feels really clean.

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