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Nowadays, coffee is among the most popular beverages that people enjoy today. In contrast to its purpose in the past, coffee drinking has now become a social activity for family and friends to bond together. Unfortunately, drinking too much coffee has its negative results particularly concerning the teeth.

Coffee has a substance referred to as tannins, which stains the teeth after prolonged exposure. That is one reason some coffee lovers get a darker shade of their front teeth after some time. However, tannins do not only come from coffee.

Other beverages such as sodas, tea, wine, and other similar drinks also contain this substance, which leave a semi-permanent stain on the teeth. Brushing the teeth alone cannot easily clean this particular stain. Special cleaning tools, methods and products should be used in order to bring back the teeth’s natural off white colour.

Other causes of teeth stains include the following:

  • Poor dental hygiene – This is probably the most common reason teeth become darker in colour. Whenever you eat and drink colored food, small portions of it stick to the teeth. Without regular brushing, these stains harden and become more difficult to take away.
  • Tobacco or smoking – Tobacco use also contributes to darker colour of the teeth. Years of smoking can change a person’s teeth from white to dark yellow.
  • Ageing – It is natural for some individuals to get teeth discoloration when they reach a certain age.
  • Medical reasons – If the person takes antibiotics or other medications, these may contribute to teeth staining.

These are only a few of the factors that contribute to teeth staining in most individuals. If you want to improve the colour of your teeth and regain your confidence, there are various methods available out there.

Teeth Whitening Methods

teeth whitener before and afterThere are various ways on how to whiten your teeth. You should decide on your own depending on your preferences and budget. If you want to have the best teeth whitening option around, then you may want to check with your family or personal dentist.

Many general dentists offer chairside bleaching, which is simply whitening the teeth in a dental clinic. This particular option is considered the safest way for teeth whitening, provided that you are working with an experienced and reputable dentist. Multiple sessions are usually needed in order to bring out the desired whiteness of the teeth.

Unfortunately, chairside bleaching is also the most expensive option in teeth whitening. You will have to shell out hundreds of dollars divided in different sessions just to achieve your goal. Aside from the fact that you are paying for the tools, bleaching materials, and all; you also need to pay the professional fees of the dentist.

Because getting your teeth professionally bleached is very expensive, most people settle with home solutions to teeth whitening. One of these is the use of dental whitening kits. These kits are similar to the tools and substances used by dentists, but the consumer would be responsible for his own ‘method’ on how to use them. These kits are slightly cheaper than professional services, although you may want to check the brand and quality of the product.

In addition to kits, another option is by using over the counter dental strips. These strips contain bleaching agents that help improve the colour of the teeth. Usually the effects of dental strips are instant, and one can use several strips a day depending on the need or preference.

Drawbacks to Dental Bleaching

However, while bleaching seem effective, it does have some potential problems as well. First, most dental strips and whitening kits have hydrogen peroxide, which is an agent in bleaching. Unfortunately, when the enamel of the teeth is exposed to this substance continuously, it may begin to break down damaging the teeth.

The thinning of the enamel is evident when you notice that the edges of your teeth are translucent instead of solid. Once the enamel is damaged, the inner part of the tooth, the dentin becomes exposed, and may cause oversensitivity. This explains why people who often use strips experience sensitivity in their teeth.

This just means that if you are looking for whitening products for your teeth, make sure you are getting a branded and trusted product. Thankfully, there are consumer websites that provide accurate and honest reviews of certain products, such as teeth whitening products.

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth

If you are worried that chemical teeth whiteners and bleaching can damage your teeth, you may want to opt for natural methods. Here are some common methods recommended by health and wellness experts:teeth whitening sample

  • Combine hydrogen peroxide and baking soda – As mentioned earlier, extended exposure to hydrogen peroxide can be harmful to the teeth’s protective layer. However, if mixed with baking soda and applied every now and then, it can be a big help.
  • Use coconut oil – Some experts claim that coconut oil can cleanse the teeth and wash away stains that got stuck on the teeth’s surface.
  • Apply apple cider vinegar – This substance works as a natural cleanser and antibiotic. That is why it is also a recommended solution to stained teeth.
  • Try activated charcoal – For many years, activated charcoal has been used in treating poisoning, drug overdose, alleviating bloating, and preventing alcohol-related hangovers, among others. But now, experts found out that its properties can also be used in whitening the teeth.

There are various ways to whiten teeth, and the natural methods are somewhat surprising, especially the use of activated charcoal. However, among all these options, activated charcoal has been one of the most proven and recommended.

So What’s the Deal about Activated Charcoal?

You are right, there has to be something different between activated charcoal and regular charcoal. Indeed, the ‘activated’ provides a world of difference. That is why you don’t just get coal from your grill and use it to whiten teeth.

For many decades, activated charcoal has been a popular substance used in treating poisoning, and drug overdose. Why? Its surface is so porous that it sucks other substances and traps them in between the pores. This allows the activated charcoal to cleanse the body, particularly the digestive tract, of the threat.

In fact, activated charcoal is so effective in adsorption (particles sticking on one’s surface) that it is not recommended to take medicines and oral antibiotics several minutes upon intake of activated charcoal. The medicines just won’t work.

Warpaint Natural Teeth Whitening

Because of the natural characteristics of activated charcoal and its effective use in adsorption, one local manufacturer thought of using this is pulling the stains from the teeth. By applying the activated charcoal onto the teeth’s surface through brushing, it can naturally whiten the teeth. This local manufacturer that is based in Australia is called Warpaint.

Compared to the other options mentioned above about teeth whitening, using Warpaint natural teeth whitener is a lot easier and cheaper at the same time. With chairside bleaching, whitening kits and dental strips, the consumer may need to repurchase or avail the said procedures or products once more to continue the effect.

On the other hand, with Warpaint, you are sure that the effects are long-term, especially if you stop drinking beverages or eating foods that contribute to teeth staining.

Here is a short guide on how to use Warpaint teeth whitener:

  1. Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth. It is very important that you wet your entire mouth. Charcoal is abrasive, and may cause discomfort if you fail to rinse your mouth.
  2. Open the Warpaint teeth whitener container and dip your wet toothbrush on it. You may use a separate toothbrush if you wish.
  3. Brush your teeth in small, circular strokes. Do not brush vigorously because the particles of the activated charcoal may not only take away the stains, but also portions of the actual teeth.
  4. Allow the activated charcoal to stay on your teeth for several minutes. After brushing, let the charcoal stay for a few minutes so that it can do its job in the adsorption of teeth stains.
  5. Rinse very well. Finally, after 5-10 minutes, rinse your mouth very well. Expect your sink to be messy during your first few tries. It helps if you place tissue paper surrounding the drain to minimise cleaning up chores after.

Warpaint is one of the most beloved natural teeth whiteners today as mentioned by countless health and wellness blogs worldwide. Compared to other methods such as the ones mentioned earlier, it does not cost too much. In addition, its results are longer lasting, and you don’t have to risk the stability and strength of your teeth just to make them whiter.

If you are interested in getting more information about Warpaint teeth whitener, you may check out Love Thyself. Love Thyself is a local business and online store based in Australia. For many years, this online store has provided only the highest quality organic products and items to its consumers. Call  (1300) 475 877 for enquiries today.

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