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Pearly white teeth is an asset that people care about, especially for individuals who often face people, and they are particular about their appearance. White teeth are also evidence that you are exercising proper dental hygiene. Moreover, some health experts associate teeth discoloration to certain health conditions, and so whiter teeth could mean a healthier body.

However, there are instances where the shade of the teeth falls below the threshold of what people consider as desirable. Teeth discolorations often characterise tooth that is grayish or yellowish. In these instances, an effective teeth whitener can help.

There are many factors to be considered why the teeth often lose its natural white color. While there are natural causes such as aging, discoloration may also be caused by improper habits:

  • Caffeinated drinks – Coffee and tea have caffeine and other substances that may affect the enamel or surface of the tooth. Long exposure to caffeine affects the tooth, and leads to ‘stains’ where it does not appear as white as other portions.
  • Smoking – Another activity that causes teeth stains is the nicotine that comes from cigarettes. Habitual smoking slowly affects the teeth, especially the eight front teeth that often get in contact with the cigarette and smoke.
  • Sugary foods – Foods and drinks that are rich in sugar may affect the color of your teeth, not just on the outside but inside as well. Sugar-rich foods are known to slowly break down the enamel of the tooth, revealing the dentin, which has natural off-white color.
  • Poor dental hygiene – One of the most common reasons why people experience teeth discoloration is because of poor dental hygiene. If you seldom brush your teeth especially after a meal, you are most likely to experience a change in teeth color.

If one or all of these factors are present in your daily routine, and you notice that your teeth do not have that shiny white color that will definitely give your audience a good impression, you may want to try teeth whitening at home.

There are some common tips that are believed to provide whiter teeth to individuals, but if you want to make sure, the best way is go is look for a natural teeth whitener. This way of whitening teeth is more popular nowadays, and provides a risk-free solution to your problem. Unlike other ways, organic teeth whitening does not use artificial products and chemicals that may cause side effects.

Charcoal teeth whitening – Does it Work?

If you are opting for the best way to whiten teeth, then you better try what is referred to as charcoal teeth whitening. Believe it or not, this dark material has been proven by thousands of users to be an effective teeth whitener.

But before you take out the charcoal from your barbecue grill and put it on your teeth, here are some important facts you have to know:

  • Not all charcoal is created equal – The effective natural teeth whitener is referred to as ‘activated charcoal’. According to Dr. Mark Wolff, who is a professor and department chairman at the New York University College of Dentistry, activated charcoal has long been used as a “purifying agent that absorbs impurities.” This just means you can’t just take a charcoal brick from your grill and use it for brushing your teeth. Activated charcoal is different in terms of surface area, composition, and cleansing qualities.
  • Activated charcoal teeth whitening helps take away stains – Teeth stains are common problems that can be solved by using activated charcoal paste. Because this particular material has a lot of nooks and crannies, it is able to draw any impurities and trap them in. In fact, hospitals have been using activated charcoals in treating accidental poisoning, and drug overdose.
  • It can change the pH level of the mouth – Using the activated charcoal is believed to balance pH levels and improve the overall health of your mouth. Its cleansing properties do not only take away stains from the teeth, but also help prevent cavities, as well as gum problems.
  • Activated charcoal is better than fluoride in the long run – There are dental products nowadays that use activated charcoal instead of fluoride. Both substances are effective in taking away stains and chemicals from the teeth, but charcoal is much safer. Studies show that teeth that are exposed to fluoride for a long period of time may cause more harm than good.

How does it work?

This is probably one of the most important questions that this article should answer. Activated charcoal is considered as among the best teeth whitening products because it is very effective. Unlike any regular charcoal, this one has been ‘activated’ to become more absorbent. Just like how it absorbs chemicals and toxins in the digestive system, it also binds with stains and chemicals on the surface of the teeth. Because the charcoal powder has a very porous surface, the absorbed substances stick to the charcoal, preventing them from sticking to the teeth.

As a result of this process, the teeth become whiter each time charcoal passes over them, until all of the colored chemicals and stains have been taken away.

How to use activated charcoal for natural teeth whitening

If you are interested in using this particular organic teeth whitener, there are several steps you have to think about first.

  • Find a reputable source of activated charcoal. While it is readily available for purchase from pharmacies and stores, you should not buy the first activated charcoal you find. Make sure the store is a trusted establishment that offers quality products. It would also help if the product comes with a label and box, complete with a set of directions and the name of the manufacturer.
  • Consult your dentist if possible. Before taking any further steps, contact your dentist and ask for a recommendation. Most dentists would be against charcoal teeth whitener, but there are also some who have first hand experience in enjoying its benefits.
  • Prepare the charcoal powder and your toothbrush – Now, let’s go to the actual use of activated charcoal. Rinse your mouth to make sure that the charcoal would simply glide over the enamel and just take away the stains from the teeth. Next, wet your toothbrush and brush it on the charcoal. Brush your teeth using small circular strokes. Make sure the entire surface of each tooth is brushed thoroughly but not roughly.
  • Spit the charcoal and rinse very well – After about two minutes of gently brushing your teeth, spit the charcoal and rinse – a few times if necessary – to completely take away all the black powder. Repeat the procedure at least once a day to maximise the results. You may also use your regular toothpaste after the procedure to take away the taste of the activated charcoal.

A few apprehensions about activated charcoal

While there are already thousands of people who are experiencing whiter and healthier teeth, some health and dental experts still warn about some potential risks. They believe that the surface of the charcoal is too abrasive for the tooth, and would eventually lead to enamel problems.

In addition, they also believe that activated charcoal may not only absorb toxins, chemicals and stains, but also the calcium that naturally inhibits each tooth. When this happens, the teeth will become weaker and prone to damage.

These claims and fears may have basis, but that does not deny the fact that thousands of users have already experienced the benefits of this organic teeth whitener, without any side effects.

Introducing Warpaint natural teeth whitener

Warpaint is activated charcoal that is specially prepared and produced to provide a healthier and whiter smile to its users. Since its inception a few years ago, Warpaint teeth whitening has changed the lives of its consumers for the better.

Check out some videos and blogs about Warpaint and you will see that this activated charcoal really works! Most users said that even after the initial use, there is a significant change in the shade of their teeth. Some reported that after a few weeks of regular use, the discoloration was gone and they are now reaping the rewards of using the black powder.

Final thoughts about natural teeth whiteners

Your teeth are still part of your body, so make sure you don’t just use chemicals that may be harmful for your teeth. Peroxide may be a good teeth whitener, but long exposure to this compound has its risks as well.

If you want to get at home teeth whitening without spending too much, you better try activated charcoal. You may search online or visit a physical store where you can ask regarding its use. Just like how it has helped thousands of people in whitening their teeth, it can also help you improve your smile, and boost your confidence especially when talking or interacting with other people.

Teeth whitening is considered as part of cosmetic dentistry, and so you consulting a general dentist can help you decide what to do to achieve a whiter and brighter smile. Get activated charcoal now and experience the wonderful advantages of natural teeth whitening, without the excessive expenses.


  1. Georgia Meredith 3 years ago

    I love this product as it doesn’t taste bad as other natural teeth whiteners I have tried and it definitely polished my teeth.

  2. Scarlett 3 years ago

    For a coffee lover with stained teeth this product works well though it might not work instantly but doing this routinely you’ll definitely achieve good results.

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