Does Activated Charcoal Actually Work For Teeth Whitening?
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A lot of people are often dissatisfied with the colour of their teeth. Most of them think their teeth should be whiter in order to give them more confidence in their smile. There are over the counter whitening strips that do just that. You just place a strip on top of your teeth, allow it to stay for a couple of minutes, take it off, and you’ll notice a glow.

Unfortunately, while whitening strips may be an easy option for teeth whitening at home, its effects are not lasting. Thousands of strip users have reported that the white glow slowly fades over time, and so they would need to place a strip again for whitening purposes. This should not have been problem if these whitening strips do not have hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent and a common household disinfectant. This is also the main substance responsible for whitening the teeth. However, continuous exposure to its chemical properties may cause teeth to become hypersensitive. In some cases, even the gums are inflamed and the enamel wears down. The sad thing about it is that not many people are aware of this.

So what’s the best teeth whitening kit…without the adverse effects?

If teeth whitening strips do not provide a lasting whitening effect to your teeth, then what will? Fortunately, recent studies have shown that people can now use charcoal for teeth whitening.

But not so fast. Before you go and put charcoal from the barbecue grill, you may want to know that not all charcoal are created equal. There are those that can benefit the body, and there are those that cannot. In terms of teeth whitening, activated charcoal is the way to go for natural teeth whitening.

Activated charcoal for teeth whitening? But how? Indeed, how can a black-colored powder whiten teeth? Fortunately, it is not in the color. Even before the charcoal toothpaste became the trend, activated charcoal has long been used in hospitals and clinics worldwide.

One of the main uses of activated charcoal is to take out poison and other harmful chemicals. When a patient accidentally ingests any poisonous substance, emergency personnel and even physicians recommend using this particular charcoal to reduce the effect of the poison and flush it out of the body as soon as possible.

How can charcoal do this?

Activated charcoal has a very porous surface, which allows it to stick to particles and substances. Once these substances stick, the charcoal keeps them in, allowing the substances to exit the body through the large intestine.

So how does this relate to activated charcoal for teeth whitening?

Using the same properties in poison cleansing, this particular charcoal can also take away the stains and other substances that give the teeth its off white color. With the help of activated charcoal, stained teeth can become noticeably whiter with regular use.

Before moving on, it is also good to know where activated charcoal comes from. One of the more popular brands of this type of charcoal is Warpaint, and from its website it says that this product comes from burned coconut shell.

In addition, Australian calcium bentonite clay is added to the activated charcoal in order to give its paste-like look and feel. Finally, peppermint is added to give it a pleasant taste in the mouth.

So does activated charcoal actually work?

While experts have not yet proven whether it is effective in actual use, the characteristics of activated charcoal make it an ideal cleansing agent for the teeth. It does not need further proof that activated charcoal or activated carbon has long been used as an effective substance in taking away harmful chemicals from the body. If that is so, why can’t it be used to take away chemicals from the teeth?

This particular charcoal sucks stains and other tannins from the teeth like a magnet, but leaves the other essential minerals and nutrients in the teeth like calcium.

Moreover, thousands of users have proven through social media postings and blogs that activated charcoal has worked for them. Indeed, the idea seems absurd and counterproductive, but after they tried using the product, they noticed the effects after continuous brushing.

Benefits of activated charcoal for whitening teeth

Using activated charcoal to whiten teeth also offers a number of benefits aside from making teeth whiter. Here are some of them:

Restore lost minerals on the teeth – The activated substances in charcoal can help replace the minerals that often leave the teeth. This will help keep the teeth strong, and be able to fight cavities that may lead to tooth damage.
Remove toxins and harmful chemicals from the mouth – Toxins and other chemicals build up inside your mouth whenever you eat foods that are high in chemicals. In this situation, you will need a cleansing regimen to complement regular brushing of teeth. Similar to what it does inside the body, activated carbon can also cleanse your mouth. In fact, some people even use this cleansing agent in rinsing their mouth.
Absorb heavy metals from the teeth – This is what activated charcoal specialises in – binding with heavy metals and taking them out of the body. In the case of chemicals found inside the mouth, they are expelled through rinsing and gargling after doing the procedure.
Reduces oral inflammations and infections – If you have tried using the usual teeth whitening strips, you will notice that your teeth are getting more sensitive. Moreover, if you make the mistake of allowing the strip to touch your gums, it may cause irritation and inflammation. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about those problems with activated charcoal.

Indeed, activated charcoal poses a lot of health benefits that go beyond teeth cleaning and whitening. As long as you pick a trusted seller or brand, you can’t go wrong with this revolutionary teeth whitener.

Steps to use charcoal teeth whitener

There are generally two ways how you can use activated charcoal for your teeth. You may buy some charcoal capsules from your local pharmacy, empty their contents in a small plate and you’re good to go. On the other hand, you may also purchase any of the up and coming activated charcoal brands that are especially made for teeth whitening.

Once you’ve made up your mind, here is a quick step-by-step guide:

Prepare everything you need.In this procedure you will need a small plate or plastic cup where you will place the charcoal, a toothbrush, toothpaste, towel or tissue paper, and of course water.

Dip a wet toothbrush into the charcoal paste. Rinse your toothbrush and then dip it in the plate with the charcoal. Make sure your brush is wet so the charcoal powder would stick to it.

Brush gently for two minutes. While high-end activated charcoal powder is usually very fine, it still feels rough especially when applied to the surface of your teeth. To prevent the charcoal from going too deep into your teeth’s crevices, make sure you brush in small circular strokes. Dip the brush again in the charcoal if necessary.

Rinse well, really well. Most people who tried this teeth whitening procedure notice that the process is really messy. Your entire sink as well as your bathroom floor may be covered with black patches that came from your activated charcoal. Before you clean up, make sure you rinse very well. You may rinse thrice or even four times just to make sure no charcoal powder is left. If needed, you can also floss.

Repeat the procedure as needed. Bloggers and health enthusiasts who tried the procedure recommend using activated charcoal on your teeth every day for the next couple of weeks. After this period you will notice a significant change in your teeth’s whiteness. Afterward, you may do the procedure once a week just to maintain its whiteness. After all, you still drink coffee, sodas and teas, don’t you?

Where can I find activated charcoal in Australia?

Now that you know how activated charcoal can solve the discoloration of your teeth, the most practical move is to buy one now. The question is where? Good thing some businesses and retailers have begun selling this product in the country. In fact, Warpaint, which is among the most popular brands of activated charcoal is based in Australia.

Finding brands such as Warpaint is fast and easy. Just search online and include Australia in your query to get targeted results. Once you get the results, find several sites that you think offer quality products and services. After visiting the website, check if it has a Facebook page.

Usually, trusted and reputable sellers have social media accounts so that their regular consumers can share their thoughts about the company’s products, services or both. Eventually, you will be able to narrow your search and pick an online store that you can trust.

Activated charcoal has revolutionised the way people look at teeth whitening. You don’t have to buy all those strips, which would only leave you with hypersensitive teeth. Brushing a small amount of this black material each day will yield impressive results.


  1. Kacy 4 years ago

    Hi there I have been looking into natural teeth whiteners? do you think this is safe to use on my 9 year old daughter?
    Thanks for the post.

    • Lucy Fenton 4 years ago

      Hi Kacy,
      Thank for your your question. As the Warpaint and My Magic Mud are made from all natural ingredients they are completely safe for people of all ages to use.

  2. Pinky 3 years ago

    Hi Lucy,
    Nice Blogging,
    Thanks for writing about Teeth whitening.
    I have read about Benefits Of Activated Charcoal For Whitening Teeth and
    I just like the helpful information you provide to your articles.
    I’ll bookmark your blog and test again here frequently.
    Best of Luck.

  3. Kate Brownell 3 years ago

    Yes you can use charcoal for teeth whitening, skin fairness and many other things. It is a natural magical ingredient which can be used in end number of ways. I use teeth whitening activated charcoal powder and my teeth are pearl white now. The enamel of my teeth is stronger than before and there are no cavities in my mouth. I used the powder twice a day and the after using the powder I brushed my teeth normally. In a week I started noticing the difference. You can use charcoal to whiten teeth without worrying.

  4. Drew Smith 2 years ago

    Natural teeth whitening is always the way to go! It has many benefits such as lower cost, it’s environmentally friendly, gentle on sensitive teeth, and produce great results!

  5. Jessica Stafford 2 years ago

    Activated charcoal has great absorptive and adhesive qualities that make the dirt and plaque stick to it and bind. Its use is not limited to teeth whitening though. It has much wider applications in face masks, washes, scrubs and other beauty hacks. Other than that, it’s an extremely effective poison remedy as it binds the toxins but does not get absorbed or ingested by the body itself.

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