Best Teeth Products To Naturally Whiten Teeth Without Chemicals
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Best Teeth Products To Naturally Whiten Teeth Without Chemicals article image by Love Thyself

The answer to how to whiten your teeth naturally has been on everyone’s mind these days. With the rise of social media, people can’t help but want a beautiful pair of pearly white teeth. Professional teeth whitening can turn out to be really expensive which makes home teeth whitening remedies a practical solution to naturally whiten teeth.

If you have searched for answers on the best way to whiten teeth naturally, you’ll realise that there are tons of teeth whitening products available but the question whether these products contain harmful ingredients like triclosan, fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate and artificial sweeteners is an important thing to consider.

Many teeth whitener claim to whiten your teeth quickly but the harmful ingredients and chemicals they contain ultimately harm your enamel and gums. Here at Love Thyself, we take pride in providing you with only the best teeth whitener and other products that will naturally whiten teeth without containing harsh chemicals.

With the best natural home teeth whitening remedies, what have you got to lose? Here are some of the worthy products that will give whiten your teeth as well as contribute to your dental health overall wellness:


My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Powder

This product contains activated charcoal, a healthy ingredient that effectively detoxifies teeth without harming your enamel. It also contains bentonite clay as well as organic mint extracts that will support your overall dental health, making your teeth feel clean and your breath fresh. You need not be mindful of the black powder which is typical in activated charcoal because as soon as you finish brushing your teeth, you’ll notice the efficacy of this product. It’s also interesting to note that this tooth powder is kid friendly as it doesn’t contain fluoride.

My Magic Mud Toothpaste

If you prefer a less messy approach to whiten teeth naturally, here’s the Magic Mud toothpaste which is available in peppermint, wintergreen and cinnamon flavour. Your kids will prefer this due to its natural flavour thanks to its organic ingredients like notably activated charcoal, coconut oil, tea tree oil and vanilla. This toothpaste removes toxins, deeply cleans, whitens and polishes teeth, reduces sensitivity as well as is gentle on the enamel.

My Magic Mud Spearmint Polishing Tooth Powder

Image of My Magic Mud – Spearmint Tooth Powder 40g by Love Thyself AustraliaThis product, like the first two, is 100% natural and organic. It contains no fluoride and other chemicals that will harm your teeth or cause sensitivity. It’s also available in peppermint flavour. This polishing powder not only whitens but keeps your teeth and gums strong with the help of organic turmeric and cold-pressed cacao. It is naturally delicious without artificial sweeteners so definitely go with this product if you’d like to polish your kid’s teeth with this product as well.

It’s about time you say good riddance to teeth whitening products that without a doubt contain harmful chemicals and ingredients known to destroy your teeth’s natural enamel and cause sensitivity to gums. If you want to find out more about natural and organic teeth whitener and other home teeth whitening remedies, shop here at Love Thyself website as well provide only the best products that are effective yet safe to use on your precious teeth.

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  1. Sara Duffield 2 years ago

    I’m using their products since 3 weeks twice a day and can really see visible results. Yes it’s messy. But it cleans up easy and doesn’t stain the sink or your skin. Definitely a great teeth whitening product!

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