Achieve Whiter Smile With Natural Teeth Whitening Kit
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Achieve Whiter Smile With Natural Teeth Whitening Kit article image by Love Thyself

As we grow older, keeping our teeth white and healthy may prove to be a challenge considering the food and drinks we consume that may cause stains. Stains have proven to be difficult to get rid off simply by brushing your teeth so more often people would seek professional teeth whitening remedies in order to remove the stains. But what if you find a natural teeth whitener instead of spending a huge amount of money on professional teeth whitening? Natural teeth whitening at home has been proven effective and affordable so long as you find the right teeth whitening kit or natural teeth whitener that really work.

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally?

There are several ways to whiten your teeth; however, you must also take into consideration safety and healthy use that is why avoiding chemically laden products is the wisest thing to do. You can seek natural teeth whitening remedies at home which would make it more convenient and affordable to achieve a whiter or brighter smile as well as remove stubborn stains easily without the need to spend hundreds of dollars on professional whitening treatments.

Activated Charcoal – Is an effective natural teeth whitener as it is considered a highly absorbent substance that effectively binds the impurities that cause stains, thus leaving your teeth clean and white.

At first, you may find using activated charcoal to brush and clean your teeth rather uncomfortable and scary considering the black substance that seems to cover everything inside your mouth, but you’ll notice soon afterward that your teeth become whiter, ridding your teeth from stains and other impurities.

Sure, using activated charcoal as a means to whiten teeth may seem a bit of a mess but nothing a handy microfibre cloth or tissue can’t fix. You’ll need these to clean fallen charcoal or debris after using. It may be helpful to find an extra empty bottle or container in order to scoop just enough amount of activated charcoal for brushing your teeth regularly.

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Studies and countless reviews have already proven the efficacy of activated charcoal which is why Love Thyself is promoting the following products that contain this incredible ingredient.

  1. From Earth Charcoal Teeth Whitener with Mint 30ml
  2. My Magic Mud Spearmint Toothpaste 113g
  3. Purely Black Activated Charcoal Powder 50g
  4. Vegan Organics Organic Charcoal & Clay Tooth Polish 50g
  5. Warpaint Natural Teeth Whitener
  6. My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Powder
  7. My Magic Mud Wintergreen Toothpaste 113g
  8. My Magic Mud Peppermint Toothpaste 113g
  9. My Magic Mud Cinnamon Toothpaste 113g

Love Thyself has always believed in promoting products that contain only natural and organic ingredients, not those that were manufactured with artificial and toxic ingredients. This is because we believe that we need products that do not contain nasties in order to achieve a bright smile. So, if you’d like to try products that will support your oral care in the long term, then purchase any of the products mentioned above.


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  1. Lucy Port 2 years ago

    As a fan of organic products, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate new ingredients into my beauty routine. I can attest that activated charcoal works miracles as a natural teeth whitener.

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