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Everyone notices a smile. No matter what race, ethnicity, culture, or religion a person is in, a smile will automatically break any barriers. It is a universal language. However, what if a person is ashamed of his own smile? In such situations, failing to smile keeps you from expressing yourself, and being noticed.

One reason why people are afraid to smile is due to the color of their teeth. Some people have teeth stains, which get stuck on the teeth’s surface, resulting in a yellowish or even light brown color. Is there a solution to staining? Fortunately there is.

There are dentists nowadays that offer tableside bleaching, which is teeth whitening done inside a dental clinic. While this is probably the easiest, and most reliable way to whiten teeth, it is also arguably the most expensive.

Good thing there are two other ways to whiten teeth – whitening strips and activated charcoal. The question now is which of these two yields better results and provides more benefits.

Whitening Stripsnatural teeth whitening

Whitening strips became popular because it was seen as an easier way for teeth whitening at
. When using these strips, you do not need to visit your dentist regularly, or avail of expensive

procedures. You just take out a whitening strip from its package, apply it directly on the surface of your front teeth, and see the results right away.

The whitening effect of teeth whitening strips is very evident and consumers would often state that their teeth seem glowing. Unfortunately, there are whitening strips that are not safe, if used on a regular basis.

Below are some dangers in using whitening strips:

  • May lead to oversensitivity – Almost 100 percent of all whitening strips found in the market today contain hydrogen peroxide, which is a bleaching agent. This is the substance responsible for whitening the teeth, even beyond normal levels. Unfortunately, overuse of hydrogen peroxide on the teeth may cause the enamel to break down. When this happens, the tooth becomes super sensitive because the lower layers of the teeth are exposed.
  • May irritate gums – Most people who use whitening strips ignore the fact that contact with the gums may cause inflammation and irritation. In worse cases, the gums may eventually recede, exposing the lower portion of the teeth. Once more, this leads to tooth pain.
  • May cause dental nerves to be affected – Using whitening strips or any bleaching agent is highly discouraged in the event that the person has an open cavity. Once hydrogen peroxide enters this cavity, it may reach nerve endings, and cause intense pain.
  • May result in teeth discoloration – Continuous use of bleaching agents may damage the enamel, which could lead to permanent teeth discoloration. When this happens, you will notice that your teeth will become more translucent or have a bluish tint.
  • May cause enamel damage – As mentioned in previous points, the enamel is at risk of damage with continuous use of bleaching agent. When the enamel is damaged, you will continue to experience pain unless you seek professional assistance from a dentist.

As you may have noticed, teeth whitening strips, and other DIY whitening kits for that matter, are not the best ways natural teeth whitening. Aside from the fact that they pose risks, their effects are not lasting either.

Fortunately, there is a much better and more natural way to whiten teeth. Introducing activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal in clinical use

Before you inspect the charcoal in your grill, it’s worth noting that activated charcoal is a special type of charcoal that serves a special purpose. In clinical use, this particular substance has been known to solve poisoning or drugging. The porous surface of this fine charcoal sticks to the substances within the digestive tract to prevent any damage or harm. In this use, physicians often prescribe activated charcoal in capsule form.

Indeed, activated charcoal has proven its worth in preventing poisoning, drugging, or ingesting any harmful chemical or substance. But is it also a good option as a teeth whitener?

Activated charcoal in teeth whiteningwhite teeth before and after

In recent years, activated charcoal became popular not as a solution to poisoning, but as a natural teeth whitener. Using the same qualities, the charcoal can stick to the different substances that cause discoloration to the teeth. Once you brush your teeth with activated charcoal and rinse it off, you will see a noticeable difference.

If you are thinking whether you should try whitening strips or activated charcoal, here are 10 reasons why the latter is much better:

  1. Activated charcoal does not contain any chemicals – What’s good about activated charcoal is that it is derived straight from nature. It does not contain any artificial chemicals that may react differently when they get in contact with the teeth or gums.
  2. It balances the pH level of the mouth – Activated charcoal can balance pH levels when ingested as a solution to poisoning. In the same way, it makes the mouth an unfriendly environment against bacteria and other harmful microbes.
  3. It helps keep the gums and teeth strong – Even when the charcoal gets in contact with the gums, it won’t do anything harm. In fact, this substance can even cleanse and take away toxins and chemicals not only from the teeth but also from the gums.
  4. It provides an overall cleansing of the mouth – When combined with other teeth cleansers like the toothpaste or mouthwash, activated charcoal helps in bringing a holistic cleansing of the entire mouth. This is perfect for individuals who are very particular with their oral health.
  5. Certain kinds of activated charcoals have natural flavors – Depending on the brand of activated charcoal, each one has varying flavors and additions to separate themselves from the pack. For instance, some brands contain natural menthol substances to provide that minty breath.
  6. You can use activated charcoal for your teeth as often as you like – Unlike whitening strips that have limits in use, the use of activated charcoal for teeth whitening does not have anything like that. You may experience and enjoy the benefits of activated charcoal cleaning any time, anywhere, and as often as you want.
  7. It does not cause any dangers to the teeth – While there are some ‘experts’ who point out potential dangers to the teeth, most of these claims are not enough. Activated charcoal is not abrasive enough to cause any damage to the enamel of your teeth.
  8. Whitening using activated charcoal lasts longer – The average whitening strip may cost around $10 or more, but it won’t last that long. Before you know it, you’re buying another $10 pack. In contrast, activated charcoal is pretty cheap, and what’s great is you don’t have to buy a lot. That’s because the teeth retain their natural white color even after using activated charcoal.
  9. Activated charcoal is relatively cheaper than strips – As mentioned earlier, the total cost of using activated charcoal to achieve a lasting white smile is less expensive. Using activated charcoal once will remove the stains permanently, while using strips whiten the teeth by scraping through the enamel.
  10. It results in a naturally white color – Activated charcoal only works in whitening teeth against tannins or substances found in cigarettes, sodas, coffee and other colored drinks. The charcoal absorbs the stains to reveal the natural color of the teeth. However, for discoloration caused by medicine intake or aging, whitening through activated charcoal may not be that effective.

If one or two reasons are not enough to make you choose activated charcoal, then these 10 reasons are probably more than enough. As you can see, this particular teeth whitener is here to stay in spite its seemingly weird premise – use a black substance to make the teeth whiter. Still, a lot of health bloggers and consumers have proven that using activated charcoal really works.

Where to find the top activated charcoal for whitening teeth

If you are now searching for activated charcoal brands to help bring back your teeth’s white color, you may want to check out Warpaint. This is probably the most popular activated charcoal brand today, and you will definitely notice it when you search Google and YouTube.

What’s great about Warpaint is that it used activated charcoal, and included other organic ingredients to improve the brushing experience. For instance, Warpaint also added organic peppermint to reduce risks of inflammation and irritation, bentonite clay to bring back the teeth’s lost minerals, and lemon myrtle to add that minty, fresh scent.

Where to Buy Warpaint

Due to Warpaint’s success in promoting a natural way for teeth whitening, a lot of consumers are looking for alternative ways to purchase it. Fortunately, there is a trusted online seller in Australia that boasts all organic and natural items. If you are looking for Warpaint products, Love Thyself is an accredited seller, which has an impressive track record in keeping its consumers happy. To know more about their products, just call (1300) 475 877 today.

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  1. Khloe 2 years ago

    Absolutely love this product. I feel like I’ve been to my dental hygienist every time I used Warpaint.

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