Save Time, Money And Never Run Out Of Your Favourite Products Again

Do you ever look at one of your favourite products and think “I should buy more of that soon”? Only to think the same thing next time you use it, watching it go down. Each time you use it you think the same thing, until it’s too late… You have run out and now you need to go to store to find it, or go online to your favourite store only to find they are sold out.

You look for another store and find it at a slightly higher price, but you are out so you buy it anyway. It’s painful right?

Well you don’t need to experience this ever again, because we have introduced Auto-Ship.

Auto-Ship allows you to have your favourite products sent to you automatically at a time of your choosing and you pay the same low price (Less than retail) as your original order, even if the price goes up for others in future.

You are in complete control over starting Auto-Ship, changing the shipping frequency, pausing or cancelling your Auto-Ship.

How to set up auto-ship on a product page:

When you browse through our catalog of products on the website, you will see an ‘Auto-Ship Frequency’ box at the bottom of each product description. From there you can choose the frequency of shipment so you won’t have to remember to order again. This way, you never run out of your favourite products again.



Here’s how to set up auto-ship on our catalog page:



How to change your auto-ship options on the checkout page:







Pro Tip: Choose the auto-ship frequency that will suit all the items in your basket so you save on shipping!

How to edit auto-ship on your My Account page:

To edit your Auto-ship schedules, go to or click on the person icon on the top bar:

my account

Then on the My Account page, click on Autoship on the left navigation bar:


Click on Autoship Schedules:


Click on the autoship schedule that you want to edit:


Edit the schedule as desired:






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