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Author: Christelle Tait, CEO botanicES (

5 reasons coffee is life

Move over morning cuppa – caffeine is pretty much the new superfood for our skin, changing the way we look at our skincare!

Here’s 5 reasons to switch to caffeinated skincare today, supported by dermatologists and scientists!

  1. Caffeine contains high anti-inflammatory properties and broadens blood vessels meaning reduced swelling and redness. With our patented extraction process at botanicES, we push caffeine to its fullest potential! Try our Body Creme on ankles and calves and our Eye Creme and Face Creme to reduce the appearance of unwanted redness and dark circles around your eyes.


  1. Caffeine removes excess fluid from cells, making skin appear more taught and smooth. Our clinical trials revealed that the caffeine in our botanicES skincare range improves skin elasticity by up to 50%! Who doesn’t want smoother looking skin around their eye and neck area?! Many customers also like to use caffeine products on their cellulite areas to improve the visibility of smoother skin.


  1. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced thanks to all natural caffeine. Antioxidants may sound like a buzzword, but they eliminate free radicals to produce an anti-ageing effect on the skin. And coffee has plenty of antioxidants!


  1. Research conducted by the University of Washington in Seattle found that UV damaged skin cells died when exposed to caffeine, while healthy cells remained untouched. This suggests that caffeine deals with the effects of UV damage and slows down the skin’s ageing process.


  1. Our patented extraction process of caffeine from the coffee bean provides superior hydrating results. Clinical studies show our products boost skin hydration by up to 59%, making skin feel firmer and rejuvenated.


Get your coffee fix and try our natural caffeine products to see the results for yourself!


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