7 Blogging Tips For Health And Beauty Bloggers
7 Blogging Tips For Health And Beauty Bloggers image by Love Thyself

health blogA few years ago when blogging was all the rage, it wasn’t all that difficult to attract views, shares, comments which eventually generate sales for your products.

Sadly, a lot of businesses selling health and beauty products expect to see likes, shares and comments as soon as they publish a blog post and wonder why despite their best efforts they don’t seem to get the kind of results which some other bloggers seem to be getting.

Blogging today, is quite different from what it used to be a few years ago. With hundreds of health
and beauty blogs competing for the attention of your readers, it’s important to reinvent your blogging strategy if you want to see some exceptional results from your blogging efforts.

Here are seven tactics which smart bloggers use to achieve the best results for the time they invest in their blogging efforts. All of these are simple to implement and will help you get more likes, share, comments and most importantly grow your online sales.

1. Share Your Posts Frequently

A lot of time goes into researching, writing and publishing a blog post. Most health and beauty product owners who publish a blog post, share it on social media channels once and then go on to the next blog post.

Yes, you can get a few likes, shares and comments, but come back to the post a few days later and it’s unlikely the numbers would have changed. Many of your readers may have missed your first tweet or facebook update linking back to the blog post.

Instead what you need to do is share every blog post which you publish multiple times. For example say you’re tweeted, posted a Facebook update and posted a link to your blog post on Google+.

For the next few days, you will need to repeat the process. The trick is to always change the tweets, Facebook or Google + updates and shares across other social media platforms. As you may have guessed, the reason why you do this is because you don’t want to be a spammer. By sharing your content more than once you increase the chances of getting more of your readers to see your blog post.

Most people have short memories and will forget about your blog post in a few days. Set a reminder in your calendar to repost updates on social media linking to the blog post, and you will most definitely see a spurt in the engagement levels from your visitors.

2. Blog On Related Sites

Unless you are a celebrity blogger it’s unlikely that your blog will gain the visibility and website traffic they are accustomed to. Also you may not be skilled in search engine optimisation or other online marketing strategies to compete at this high level.

However, all is not lost. You can still establish credibility and become an authority blogger using a tactic called guest blogging. The principle here is simple. The process involves creating publishing your blog post on high quality websites which accept guest posts. Piggybacking on these will help you in two ways.

First you will quickly build a reputation since you will be seen as an expert since you’re blogging on an authority site. Second, you can insert links to your website in your post and generate free traffic back to the health and beauty products you sell online. With consistent action you will see your blogs appearing on the first page of search engines.

Needless to say the larger and more influential the blog, the more benefits you will receive.

If you blog about natural health and beauty products, you can apply for our guest blog which “at the time of writing” gets over 50,000 unique visits per month.

There are numerous benefits to guest blogging, some of which are:

  •     Strengthening your Author Rank as search engines factor in the author of a blog post into how it ranks.
  •     Generating traffic to your products or other content through links in the body of the blog post or bio
  •     Promoting your personal brand and your business. Every blog post you publish on authority sites is an opportunity for viewers to perceive you as a leader in your niche
  •     Gaining trust through association with well-known brands. Since the websites you post on already have a high ranking and a draw large volumes of traffic, search engines find you trustworthy and consider your website as worthy to direct visitors to
  •      Improves the quality of your traffic. Provided your content is of a high quality, you will be able to generate referral traffic and leads that are more targeted.
  •     Better social signals. Blog posts which receive exposure through popular sites get more likes, shares and tweets. The increased engagement levels are an important factor in how well your blog post ranks.

3. Get Influencers in Your Market to Write for You

Another way to quickly grow your audience is to get influencers in the health and beauty market to post their content on your blog. While this takes a little bit of work in identify and messaging influencers who have a large following, asking them to contribute to your blog is well worth the time and effort.

You will get high quality ready content for your blog which could earn you shares and links. You will also get access to a network of prospects, suppliers and other business facilitators, which would otherwise be very difficult. All of this, without investing in advertising.

In some instances, you may need to pay the bloggers for their contribution, in which case they should agree to share the posts on their social media channels.

All things considered, it’s better to pay them, than hire a writer who does not have an in-depth knowledge of the health and beauty niche to create content which is at best, mediocre.

In addition to the payment, you could also offer the following incentives:

  • Share your content on their site (if you have a reasonable following)
  • Links pointing to their website, embedded in blog posts they write for you
  • Discounts or free samples for your health and beauty products

Contributions from influencers is an excellent way to attract an engaged audience. If your contributors write for other leading media, they may link to a blog post they have written on your blog from another post they have written for one of these media sources. This will get you even more traffic and audience engagement.

4. Repurpose Your Content

Thinking of new posts to write and crafting a blog post which your readers will derive value from can easily take up the better part a day. The blog post also needs to be designed and formatted so it is appealing.

While you are thinking about what to write next, instead of leaving your readers waiting, you can repurpose existing blog post to generate more traffic.

You’ll have to think a bit outside the square for this tactic by looking at other formats through which the content can be distributed. Using this method you will be able to expand your reach to a whole new audience and generate more traffic.

Here are a few ways in which you can repurpose your content to widen your influence:

Podcasts: Record yourself or get someone with a good radio voice to read out your blog post and update it on iTunes.

Video: Turn the blog post into a video by recording yourself presenting the content and then upload it on YouTube.

Free Report: With a little bit of editing and formatting you can easily turn the blog post into a Free-Report and offer it as a free download on your website. Visitors will have to provide their name and email address to download the Free report, helping you to build a list of prospects you can market to over and over again.

Online Presentation: Create a slide presentation highlighting the main points of your content and then upload it to Slideshare, which has a large viewership. Viewers who want to learn more will be then be directed to the blog post and can consume the entire content.

These are some of the ways you can repurpose your content. Put on your creative thinking cap to think of other ways in which you can repurpose your content. When you repurpose your content make sure you add more value by simply making every piece of content easy to understand and actionable, so your viewers derive the most benefit.

5. Restructure Your Blog Posts

A few days after you have published your blog post, take a look at your metrics to examine the level of audience engagement. If you find there aren’t many likes, comments or shares, there’s no reason to get disheartened. It simply means your content didn’t resonate with your audience.

To resurrect the blog post, all it may need is a restructure. Before you make any changes to the way your content is written, you will need to understand the behavior patterns of your audience.

Research Your Audience: Do you find something that isn’t aligned with your audience’s needs? It’s quite possible that your content is not targeted to the right niche.

A quick survey about the top three frustrations related to health and beauty products or the challenges they may be facing will reveal exactly what they are looking for.

This information is most valuable and you can use it to restructure your blog posts so it is speaking the language which your audience wants to hear.

Create a New List of Blog Posts: When you’re ready to rework your content, take a look at the survey results of your audience. You can create a list of blog post titles which address the fears, frustrations and challenges they are facing. Then write blog posts around these topics.

What you are reading here is the perfect example of a blog post written to help you get a better return on investment for your time spent in consuming the content.

Create an Action Plan: It’s often said that what gets written gets done. The next step is to create an action plan on what you will be posting each week, for the next two or three months. Take a look at your existing content and see if you can repurpose some of it. Then you can brainstorm ideas for new content pieces which will be well received by your audience.

6. Monetise your blog by reviewing products

As your audience begins to grow and you gain a deeper level of trust, you will want to recommend health and beauty products which fit in well with your niche.

Some of these products may be ones you have used and are ecstatic about, so why not write about them? Once you begin to do this, you will be seen as an influencer and your audience will return regularly to read your reviews.

When you first begin to review health and beauty products you may not get paid or receive free products for your efforts. However you can monetize your reviews by creating blog posts reviewing products which have affiliate programs and including your affiliate link to the products you promote.

In fact some people have created a healthy income stream just through being an affiliate. We have a health and beauty affiliate program that you can apply for if you think it would be a fit.

Selecting Products to Review: The first step before selecting a product to review is to consider whether you would genuinely refer the product to a friend who closely matches your blog audience.

The products you choose should pass these tests:

  1.    They are products you want and would like to use
  2.    They are of interest to your target audience
  3.    They are the right fit for your blog

Anything outside of these will seem that your reviews are self-serving.

In reviewing health and beauty products, here’s what will make the review compelling:

–          A clear and eye catching product image

–          Description of the product benefits

–          Flaws you may have identified in the product

–          Your opinion of the product

–          A full disclosure in case you promote affiliate offers

7. Commenting on Other Blogs

As you may have guessed, the benefits of commenting on other people’s blog posts are to get traffic through backlinks, added brand exposure and increasing the reach of your website.

The challenge is in drawing a fine line between self-promotion and building your brand. Forming relationships with other bloggers and building backlinks are two key benefits. However some bloggers have a misunderstanding that the more comments they post, the better will be their relations with fellow bloggers and the more traffic they will generate.

The real truth is that comments only help if they are meaningful, insightful and add value to the blog post.

It’s the quality of the blog post comment that matters, not the quantity.

Never make the mistake of posting two or three word comments on blog posts. You will be wasting not only your time, but annoying the blog owner and other readers.

Avoid comments such as:beauty blog

  • Nice info!
  • Awesome!
  • Great share!
  • Useful post
  • Thanks for sharing

Here is what you should do to make a strong practice of commenting on blog posts meaningfully.

Before anything else, add a personal or logo to your profile. You can do this by signing up to Gravatar.

Next read the post to see how you can add more value. Is there something the author has overlooked. Is there a risk factor which needs to be explained? Are there any side effects of using a product under discussion?

When adding comments, state what appealed to you about the post, how you think it will help and any additional information you feel will be helpful to other readers.

You will find some interesting blog posts on www.lovethyself.com.au/blog which is a great place to get started with your comments.

You now have a complete guide to make the most of your blogging efforts. All you have to do is implement what you’ve learned and watch as your blog begins to grow faster, so within the next two years you can achieve the status of a celebrity blogger in your niche.


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