5 Best Natural Skin Moisturisers Under $15 to Add In Your Stash
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5 Best Natural Skin Moisturisers Under $15 to Add In Your Stash article image by Love Thyself

Most people are initially hesitant to switch over to an organic face moisturiser because of significant concerns that it might not be as effective as the popular chemical formulated brands. But, contrary to the popular belief, organic moisturisers are better if you’ll just consider the long term effects. They are made with gentle, nourishing ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants to help you maintain a healthier hydrated skin.

Now let’s get to the exciting part! It is normal to think that if there is something natural that works it is typically priced higher. That’s why we have tried and listed all-natural skin care brands that are under $15 to help you start a chemical-free and lifesaving journey.


Vegesorb Moisturiser ($9.55)

Vegesorb - All Purpose Moisturiser 100g 01


This is an economical light, non-greasy apricot and almond based moisturiser that is 100% locally owned and manufactured here in Australia.  It can be used on your face and any part of your body. What’s even better is that it is compatible for all skin types – whether you have dry, itchy, or sensitive skin. This all-natural product in a tube can help you bid the itchiness away while hydrating your skin.

Amazingly, this product is not only used as a moisturiser, some people with eczema, psoriasis and sunburn use it for skin treatment purposes while other skin care enthusiasts take advantage of this beneficial product by using it as soap, scalp moisturiser, makeup remover and after shaving treatment.


Every Bit Organic Raw Shea Butter ($14.95)




As the saying goes beauty comes in different forms and sizes this product is one of the best options if you want your skin to look smooth and radiant when you are at the age of 25 and above. It contains many of the essential fatty acids and Vitamin A that can actively nourish and rejuvenate your skin with a soothing and replenishing feeling as your skin can quickly absorb the organic buttery goodness.  





Black Chicken Remedies – Balm of Ages ($14.50) 

Black Chicken Remedies - Balm of Ages 15g 01


If you are the type of person who often goes outside for a cup of coffee, dinner and shopping trips, then this is an essential moisturiser that can always help you out. Made to easily protect and nourish your skin anytime, anywhere this versatile balm can help you soothe your leg’s itchiness when you had an insect bite or your skin just felt irritated with the humidity. It can also solve your chapped lips problems, diminish the appearance of bruises, relieve and heal your skin from eczema, soothe your sunburn and rashes. Isn’t this an ultimate problem solver for a girl who is always on the go?



Kosmea – Rosehip Oil ($13.95)

Kosmea Rose Hip



If you are considering the rosehip oil trend, then this product should definitely be on your must-try list! Unlike the generic rosehip oils that only uses the seed, Kosmea is different because they are using the entire rosehip to produce the product for maximum product performance. This product is proven to be eight times more effective than the regular ones. It can help you reduce fine lines, wrinkles and regenerate your damaged skin.



Weleda – Skin Food ($14.95)

Weleda - Skin Food 30ml (3)



This product is popularly known to be the natural choice for everyday care since 1926 and has gathered four remarkable skincare awards. Especially made with organic sunflower seed oil and extracts of wild pansy, chamomile, calendula and refreshing rosemary extract to brighten tired skin, it is an excellent remedy for lackluster or generally dehydrated skin. It can easily replenish and nourish your skins dry patches. Most likely advisable and best for dry, flaky skin types.



Will Any of these Work For You?

Choosing the right moisturiser for your skin can be a bit challenging as you also have to consider your skin type, the climate, the ingredients and your skin’s reactions after your purchase. You just have to always remember that a good moisturiser that is compatible with your skin will help you overcome the natural skin problems that you are encountering such as dryness, pimples, irritation, itchiness, redness and it will always give you a healthy skin feeling. If you have used one moisturiser that gave the opposite effect, stop using it as soon as possible. But, rest assured, all moisturisers mentioned above are 100% toxic free and tested.


  1. Jean 3 years ago

    Great list! But I would go with Weleda Skin food, I so love this moisturiser as it soothes my skin and smells great. I would highly recommend this as a night cream as my skin feels revitalised in the morning.

  2. Milla Wickham 3 years ago

    The vegesorb moisturiser has everything I need. It’s non-irritating, gentle on my skin and cruelty free. Definitely a must have!

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