Why You Need Epsom Salt Baths in Your Life
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There’s barely a person in this world who doesn’t love a bath! The warmth, the time alone, the relaxation. The one thing you may or may not have tried is adding Epsom Salts to your soak in the bath.


What are Epsom Salts?


They are made of Magnesium Sulfate.


The Magnesium part;

Magnesium is a wonder mineral that the majority of us don’t have enough of. When you’re low in magnesium, your ability to cope with life diminishes. Tight muscles (especially neck and shoulders), cramping, headaches and over active nervous system (stress/anxiety) are some common signs that you need more magnesium.


The sulfate part;

Sulfate helps your body flush toxins from your system. It may help to decrease the frequency of migraines and increase the absorption of nutrients (like magnesium).


Epsom Salt Bath Benefits


When Epsom Salts are dissolved in water, the body absorbs magnesium through the skin, replenishing magnesium stores. At the same time, sulfates dissolved in the water help to draw out toxins from your cells.


When you have normal levels of magnesium, you will likely notice feelings of calm and relaxation, better stress adaptation, increased energy and stamina, less pain, aches and cramping.


Some people notice certain skin conditions clear up and their hair looking shinier too.


Are you keen to get in the bath?


Here’s what to do…


Bath Checklist:

  1. 500gm Epsom salts > Buy here
  2. Set aside time for you. Maybe when kids are in bed? When can you call someone over to look after the kids so you can have a well earned break? Choose a time when no one else is home.
  3. Turn your phone off/leave it at the door. Allow no disturbances.
  4. Take to the bath- your fave book, a cup of hot tea/nice drink/dark chocolate. Add 2 cups of Epsom Salt to the running water & allow it to dissolve.
  5. Turn off the lights and light a candle. You know that one you’re always looking at thinking it’s too pretty to light? #YOLO Light it and enjoy it!
  6. While you’re in the bath focus on your breath. Deep inhales, and slow exhales. Thoughts may come and go, but keep the focus on your breath. This is meditation.


It is recommended that you take 3 Epsom Salt Baths per week if you are stressed, exercise frequently, or if you have a pain condition.


So what are you waiting for? Buy some Epsom Salts,  get the time cleared in your calendar and have that Epsom Salt Bath!


Amy Mingin is the Owner and Primary Naturopath at www.womenshealthonline.com.au. Her vision is to help as many women as possible to live happy, healthy lives. She has seen first hand the transformations that occur when women put themselves first and make positive change in their lives. Click to follow Amy and join her tribe on Facebook or Instagram


  1. Laura Sugden 3 years ago

    I love epsom salts as it soothes and relieves mild aches and pain. Very relaxing and a great night cap before I go to bed after a long day.

  2. Grace Martine 3 years ago

    Epsom Salt is very relaxing, perfect for people with insomnia. It also zaps the aches after workout.

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