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Most people don’t really think too much about the products they use on a daily basis, especially when they’ve gotten so used to them, because for years, these were the products that were on trend, or were probably introduced to them when they were still in their teens. If you’re reading this article perhaps you can try and ask yourself if you’re one of these people we have in mind? Ask yourself if you have a product or products you’ve been using for years without so much of a thought why you’ve been using them, except that you’ve gotten used to it that almost automatically, you include these products in your shopping list every time you’ve run out of them.

This is actually alright if you’ve given these products so much thought like you know they are better suited for your skin, they work well their magic in keeping your skin or wellness in mind, and they are imbued with natural or organic goodness, ingredients that our skin deserves to keep the largest body part of ours a boost in moisture, keeping it well-nourished and satiated without a doubt. If this is the case then there’s really no need to doubt on those products but if you haven’t really contemplated on those products, why you’ve been using them or haven’t realized at some point if they’re any good, or if they’ve worked their magic where they should, then this is the best time to start searching for other products that have presently catapulted to popularity due to their natural ingredients and their efficacy.


No need to search too far though as we will give you a rundown of some next-level products that will stimulate wonderful changes to your being.



Natural Oral Care & Teeth Whitening Products


Our smile is essential; however, having pearly whites may not be that easy, especially when you haven’t found the right products that’ll help remove everyday stains brought about by hard-to-rid-of drinks like coffee and wine. Save your forehead from unnecessary creases though, as we have really interesting teeth whitening products that are as natural as you can expect. These are guaranteed to thoroughly clean, protect and maintain the health and beauty of your enamel for the years to come.



Natural Whitening Toothpaste by PearlBar


Peppermint Tooth Powder by My Magic Mud

Image of My Magic Mud – Peppermint Tooth Powder 40g by Love Thyself Australia

Natural Teeth Whitener by Warpaint

Coconut Pulling Oil Mint by Keeko


Ionic Toothbrush by Dr Tung


Natural & Organic Body Care Products


Your body needs as much nourishment on the exterior level as well as interior. So, invest on products with great natural or organic nourishing ingredients that bring out the inner beauty of your complexion without the help of harsh chemicals. It is only through using products filled with moisturising, refreshing and invigorating ingredients derived from natural or organic means like plant-based extracts and essential oils that you truly experience a remarkable change in your skin. Not all products are created equal so it’s better to be extra cautious in choosing the right products that suit not only your personality, but also your skin type. Here are great body care products that will win your heart after incorporating them in your regular beauty or skincare routine.



Emerald, Oxygen Body Scrub by Altearah

White Range Hand & Body Wash by Artisans Bungalow


Body Cleansing Creme Rosewood Musk by Earth Skin & Eden




100% Natural Body Butter with Wild Boronia Essential Oil

Natural & Eco-friendly Feminine Hygiene Products


One of the most significant and utterly unnecessary contributors of waste is feminine hygiene products. Have you ever wondered whether or not the disposable pads or tampons you’re using are eco-friendly or biodegradable? It is only right that we choose feminine hygiene products that are environmentally friendly or one that would help us accomplish the least amount of waste to protect the environment from further damage. Menstrual Cups are fantastic and responsible alternatives to the ubiquitous tampons and disposable pads. Despite the huge difference in cost, one can still find them the most viable and responsible option than others. These typically last up to 10 to 15 years depending on the brand you choose, as well as, how they are kept clean and maintained for continued use. So, just imagine all the waste you can reduce through this process. It can certainly make a difference if women choose this option rather than products that contribute to more waste. Although some disposable pads and tampons are considered biodegradable and are typically less pricey, these are better to be considered if you prefer the less costly route.


Reusable Menstrual Cup Violet Model 2 by Lunette

Lunette Reusable Menstrual Cup Violet – Model 1 image by Love Thyself Australia


Menstrual Cup by Anytime

Menstrual Cup by ICare



Natural Face Skincare Products


The skincare products used specifically for the care and nourishment of your face must contain natural and organic ingredients to gain effective results. I know it can be quite perplexing to nowadays to find the right products with all the misleading information that’s been running rampant all over the media. That’s why it’s always a good idea to rely on reputable skincare brands that put great value to the products they create, by using only plant-based ingredients, essential oils, or extracts that have proven efficacy after using them consistently. In fact, here are some face skincare products that are worthy of your trust and investment.


Glow Face Pack by Embalm Skincare


Love Your Face Pack by Black Chicken Remedies



If you wish to see more products from our range of natural and organic selections, feel free to browse Love Thyself website at your convenience!

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  1. Bianca Backhouse 5 months ago

    I’ve just tried the Rosewood Musk Body Cleansing Creme from Earth Skin & Eden and I was amazed how brilliant this product really is! It really cleanse my skin and moisturise it at the same time. I also obsessed with the scent 😉

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