How Synthetic Fragrance Affects Your Wellbeing and Why It’s Important to Switch to Natural
Natural Perfumes

Our natural inclination towards perfumes can be traced back to ancient times. Natural fragrances have long been utilised for our physical, mental and spiritual well-being dating back during the earliest human civilisations.  Throughout the years, natural scents enrich our own natural human scent and cultivate emotions deep within our being.

Back then, the ingredients used in creating fragrances were derived from natural sources including blends from plant extracts and animal products. In our present time, archaeology and, especially technology, play an integral role in how laboratories have created massive amounts of scents with the use of chemicals and synthetic ingredients.


What you probably don’t know about the perfume industry


Most laboratories find it rather convenient and efficient to create various scents even without the use of natural plant extracts. Albeit synthetic fragrances dominate most of the perfume industry since these products can be found at almost all shelves in fragrance shops and even supermarkets.

In fact, two-thirds of most of the famous brands of perfumes we’ve come to know to contain mostly synthetic ingredients and almost little or no ingredients extracted from plants or animals.  You may think that this is convenient but the sad truth is synthetic ingredients are in fact detrimental not only to your overall wellness but also to the environment.


Why it’s best to avoid Synthetic Fragrances


Have you ever stopped to wonder what’s in the perfume you use every day? Does it contain natural, synthetic ingredients or both? If you haven’t really thought about this before, maybe it’s high time you do. It’s always a good idea to check the ingredients that you use on yourself. This is not only limited to perfumes, but also skincare, beauty and cleaning products.

What’s concerning about these types of fragrances are the chemicals that are typically used to create a vast gamut of favourable smelling scents. Some chemicals used are neurotoxins, carcinogen and toxic-waste which means they are harmful once inhaled or applied on the skin.


Despite the abundance of synthetic fragrances, would you rather avoid these products to promote a healthy well-being or would you rather succumb to these artificial fragrances and ignore its negative effects on your health and the environment?

Sadly, similar to the tobacco industry, perfume companies are the least bit concerned about the overall wellness of its consumers. More often, the chemicals used in these perfumes are well-hidden underneath a façade of over-embellished packaging and attractive marketing strategies. Don’t be surprised that the ingredients are not indicated in their packaging.


Why you should give Natural Fragrances and Perfumes a go



Unlike the formula used in synthetic perfumes which are only designed to mask your scent, on the other hand, natural perfumes work deeper by enhancing your natural scent. Natural fragrances were also viewed as a form of aromatherapy in the early days, evoking a sense of mindfulness and happiness to those who wear them without the harmful effects that are typically present in chemically-laden perfumes.


To best help you decide whether to switch from using synthetic perfumes to the natural kind, here are some of the highlights of why you should give natural and organic fragrances a go:


  1. The quality of natural fragrances is top-notch and obviously, these products smell better. There’s something truly satisfying about fragrances derived from the natural goodness of nature – plant or animal oils and extracts. Unlike synthetic fragrances with ingredients derived from chemicals, the quality of these fragrances is anything but cheap which is why they’re so good for your skin, senses and overall wellness.


  1. If your health takes precedence, it wouldn’t surprise you that whatever you apply on your skin or whatever you inhale goes into your system as well. Many perfume companies are notorious for using toxic chemicals as their ingredients and the worst part is they don’t really care about the negative effects it does after long-term use by consumers. Their only concern is the profit they’re making, nothing more. Once these toxic substances make contact to the body and senses, it can cause hazardous health issues, especially after long-term use.


  1. Natural perfumes are good for the environment. How the toxic substances are used and disposed of create a serious environmental issue. This doesn’t only happen with the making of perfumes but with other products that utilise toxic chemical ingredients. Once disposed of, these toxic wastes can contribute to pollution and it can contaminate land, water supply, streams and floodwaters.


These are some of the essential benefits why you need to start contemplating whether you should switch to natural fragrances instead of synthetic ones. My take is that whatever is good for our overall wellness as well as the environment has my vote. If we continue to support mass production of products that utilise toxic chemicals, then obviously, this can eventually have a negative impact towards our lives, if not ours, the succeeding generation who will inherit this planet altogether.




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