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Are you feeling intrigued and skeptical about this Makeup Eraser? Honestly, at first, we did too! A simple product made with polyester cloth drench in a warm water claims to remove all your makeup traces including your most favorite waterproof mascara. Well, it really sounds too good to be true right? With such big promises, most makeup enthusiasts thought that this was just a massive gimmick but many of them were actually totally surprised after buying and using it.

Seriously, makeup has been a part of our daily life and we have all been through those days trying tons of different chemical covered makeup removing wipes, cleansers, micellar waters and facial foams but none of them have worked like it should right? And, when something rare actually worked as promised it is either too expensive to use every single day or even hard to find.

Now, let’s start looking into this magical makeup eraser and see if it’s worth the price.

What is the MakeUp Eraser Made Of?

There is no added chemical nor special elements to this cloth. This product is 100% cruelty-free. The key difference between a makeup cloth remover and a regular cloth towel is that it is made with a blend of proprietary polyester silks to easily remove your makeup.

How Does It Works?

Once you received this product from shipment you will notice that the towel threads are flattened due to the shipment and packaging. So basically, all you have to do it put it in your laundry and wash it for maximum product performance and hygiene purposes.

When you are done and ready to use it. You will notice that this makeup eraser has two different sides. The first side has shorter threads while the other side has longer fluffier threads. If you are curious which works better? We got you covered!

In the instructions, you will have to start with the shorter threads wiping it to your face on a circular motion where the most detailed part of your makeup is and when you are done with the shorter side, you may proceed with the fluffier side. However, to most makeup eraser users the fluffier side works best even if you don’t use the other side.

Overall, this product’s tall claims has been proven to be real and effective. It can really remove any kind of makeup traces including stage makeups, waterproof makeups and even face paints in just minutes. That’s why different kinds of Makeup enthusiasts are using it all over the world!

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How to Properly Clean It?

Moving on, we all know that this product is made to lessen your daily chemical usage, save your money and support sustainability. And, because you are removing your makeup with cloth, your new and all-time favorite makeup eraser will eventually have stains when used.

Now, the biggest question is “how will you properly deal with this?” especially when you are using waterproof mascara and heavy makeup types. Don’t worry, pretty! You can just do the lazy job of putting it in your washing machine and eventually dry it with your dryer. Just in case, you have used it to remove a face paint or a stage makeup, you have to soak it with water and soap leave it there for a few minutes then go back to the basic step of putting it again in your machine and dryer. Viola! You will have it all cleaned and stain free in no time.

Testimonials and feedbacks from Makeup Eraser Users

“I am in absolute love with this cloth! I was skeptical at first but after my first use I can’t fault it. It defiantly gets all my makeup off and even my mascara. I love how all I have to use is warm water and no nasty chemicals! I am excited to tell everyone about my magic cloth now.”


“Absolutely love my cloth! Highly recommend. After using another brand for years I thought I’d give this brand a try! Perfect! No cleansers needed. Removes all makeup including mascara!”

                                                                                                                                  -Donna Maynard

“Amazing cloth. Wasn’t sure if it would work, but it does!”  -Carmel

Will This Work For You?

To most people, Makeup Eraser easily gets the job done especially for your typical everyday makeup looks. It can be used regularly and is basically washable in the laundry with a conventional soap. That’s why even if they cost a bit higher than a regular face towel, you will eventually save more money in the long run because you don’t have to buy liquid make-up removers, chemical covered wipes, cleansers and micellar waters. Plus, it is 100% cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.


  1. Olivia Shapcott 3 years ago

    For me it really does as it keeps make up removal easy, fast and not too messy, it remove all products easily even smudge-proof mascaras and certain beauty masks.

  2. Jessica Brabyn 3 years ago

    I love how it does replace makeup remover wipes when I’m lazy or too tired to remove my makeup off.

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