6 Ways To Green Up Your Beauty Routine
Natural Makeup

Going green when we talk about your beauty routine can be confusing at first. You may think that there are no eco-friendly alternatives to some of the skincare products you’re using, however, many companies nowadays are opting for green alternatives so you need not worry.


But before you start purchasing a handful of green products, check out these simple tips to help you get started:



  1. Make do without face wipes. If you’ve been using face or cleansing wipes, try to do away without them. They are indeed convenient and handy when you’re out and about; however, they can create a huge waste especially the plastic packaging that comes with it.


  1. Conserve water during your beauty routine. When you need to wash and cleanse your face from dirt and oil, always is reminded to conserve water as much as you can. It’s easy to forget to turn off the water while you’re massaging your face with a facial scrub. You can turn it off when you don’t need water. Conserving water is a great and easy way to start applying green into your beauty routine.



  1. Go for natural or organic makeup. I’ve mentioned earlier that it’s no longer difficult to look for makeup brands that utilise only natural and organic ingredients. Not only does this help minimise the use of toxic chemicals as well as protecting the environment from more toxic waste, it helps keep your skin from being exposed to such harmful ingredients. Natural makeup is safe to use as it doesn’t contain anything that will harm your skin. So, you can be certain that your skin is in great hands.


  1. The lesser product you use, the better. It is true that the fewer products you use in your skincare routine, the better results you get. This also helps in accumulating unnecessary waste. For example, instead of using body washes use a good natural bath soap which is typically packed in paper instead of plastic. This goes for any other product you purchase if you can find suitable products that are packed in biodegradable packaging then go for it. This is certainly good news for the environment if more and more people think twice before purchasing anything wrapped in plastic.


  1. Recycle whenever you can. We tend to forget that we can be creative and recycle the packaging or container of products after we’ve used them up. You can use your creativity or get ideas from the web on simple DIY crafts or projects where you can utilise plastic containers or packaging. Some companies also offer discounts or freebies if you return their empty tubes or containers. This not only helps you save money but also helps the environment a great deal. Don’t you think?


  1. You can earn from your DIY crafts. If you have time to spare and enjoy doing crafts, you can create a small business by selling your finish projects. There are tons of ideas you can find on the Internet. You can also create your own beauty blends while you’re at it using natural and organic ingredients. You’ll never know that you can get really good at it and create your own brand someday.


These are just some of the interesting yet simple ideas you can try at home to apply some green into your beauty regime. Remember you don’t have to rush it and consider testing which step is easier and convenient to do at home. Always remember that no matter how small your contribution is, it still matters a great deal for the good of the environment.




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  1. Elizabeth Rutherford 2 years ago

    Organic cosmetics really works better! I have sensitive skin that’s why I opt for organic beauty products that contain high quality ingredients that won’t aggravate or worsen my skin.

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