Say Goodbye To Bad Body Odour With Eco Tan Deodorant

Say Goodbye To Bad Body Odour With Eco Tan Deodorant

Say Goodbye to Bad Body Odour with Eco Tan Deodorant

Bad body odour is a common problem amongst everyone. Although this can be fixed with a deodorant, not all are safe and recommendable. Choosing the right deodorant to keep you from feeling embarrassed because of the bad body odour that is protruced after engaging in strenuous activities or from discomforting heat, is essential so you can embark on a safe and long-lasting solution to improving that nasty smell. This is why at Love Thyself, we highly encourage our readers and consumers to consider natural and organic alternatives.

Finding an organic deodorant or natural deodorant to keep your underarms feeling fresh and odourless all day, is perhaps the best task you can do if you have been using deodorants laden with synthetic or toxic ingredients for years. Buying products that contain artificial ingredients and chemicals may remove body odour, however, since these products contain ingredients that are toxic, long-term use will be detrimental to your health.

A coconut deodorant that is natural and safe to use is a perfect alternative, especially for those who have sensitive skin. The Eco Tan deodorant is a wonderful option to keep your body odour in check. With its unisex formula, you can share it with your partner if you’re not too possessive about your stuff or if both of you don’t mind sharing. Anyhow, this helps you save money and use a product long-term that doesn’t harm your well-being in the long run.

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The Eco Tan deodorant does not contain aluminum, parabens and other common nasties found in most deodorants available in supermarkets. So, what is all the fuss about an aluminum free deodorant? The harmful effects of synthetic ingredients such as aluminum and parabens in deodorants may not happen instantly; however, studies have shown that continued use of these products may cause cancer and other health concerns. So, why should you take the risk when there are healthier alternatives?

Indeed this coconut deodorant by Eco Tan is one of the best natural and organic alternativesthat is effective and versatile. Its formulation includes a unique blend of essential oils such as coconut, lavender and chamomile to give you lasting freshness and odour-free underarms all throughout the day. In addition, it gives you protection as it helps release toxins effectively and naturally due to its formula that allows your sweat glands to breath instead of being blocked.

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A natural deodorant doesn’t cause irritation and redness like synthetic ones. This helps you look and feel great as you tackle your day to day activities with confidence. The natural and relaxing scent of coconut is something to look forward to. It is also suitable for vegans and is not tested on animals. With the easy to use roll on and the travel-friendly size, you can take it anywhere and everywhere with you.

The Eco Tan range of products has been well received by many and this is just another addition to their amazing products. So, dive in and join many consumers in using only organic deodorant for an odourless and safe underarm protection.


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  1. This product is fantastic! I’ve tried a lot of different deodorants in the market and even though they worked for me, their ingredients turned me off. Then I found this thing a few months ago and I totally love it from healthy ingredients to the smell. It also works great even in summer!

  2. I loved this organic deodorant as it keeps me protected from body odour without blocking any sweat glands.

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