Best Bicarb Free Deodorants for Sensitive Skin
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Do you have sensitive skin? Are you having trouble with deodorants because they’re just not suitable for your skin?

Well, it’s time to celebrate because Love Thyself is now offering Bicarb Free Deodorants that are perfect for women with sensitive skin. Yes, you heard us right. Say goodbye to those troublesome rashes that are typically an indicator for irritated skin and say hello to smooth and odourless underarms!

We tend to take for granted just how important it is to take care of our underarms and to keep it in healthy condition. It is ideal to rethink the deodorants you expose your skin with especially for those with sensitive underarms.

Why Bicarb-Free Deodorants?

There are several all-natural deodorants that will help you stay fresh and odourless all day long, however, if you’ve got sensitive skin then chances are you’ll experience irritation when using products that contain Bicarb. It is an effective odour neutraliser but is not too friendly with sensitive underarms.

Our underarms are made up of delicate skin and react with discomfort and sensitivity to bicarb. This is why bicarb-free formulation would be more suitable for women with delicate skin and those prone to irritation. Love Thyself has carefully selected bicarb-free alternatives for women with hypersensitive underarms.

Here are some amazing Bicarb Free Deodorants that you’d surely want to get your hands on:

No Pong Bicarb Free

This anti-odourant was specially made for women with sensitive skin. It is similar to the original No Pong but is formulated to be gentle on sensitive underarms. An all-natural with no artificial fragrances, synthetic ingredients and bicarb free, your underarms are able to breathe and moisture is absorbed effectively giving you odour-free protection throughout the day.

Its natural and anti-bacterial ingredients including Coconut Oil and Beeswax effectively eliminates bad odour whilst Diatomaceous Earth helps absorb sweat and provides a breathable layer that safeguards your pits keeping it odourless and fresh all day! You get up to 12 hours of freshness and protection even through strenuous activities, humid weather and exercise.

Image of No Pong – All Natural Deodorant Bicarb Free 35g by Love Thyself Australia

Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste

Another natural deodorant that is gentle but protects and strengthens your pits with certified organic ingredients, botanical extracts and essential oils. Its formulation is also bicarb free, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. It doesn’t contain toxic ingredients like parabens, aluminium salts, triclosans, alcohol and propylene glycol.

Suitable for those with very sensitive armpits as it combats sensitivity whilst strengthening the delicate skin’s natural barrier to prevent irritation and discomfort. Its certified organic ingredients neutralises bad odour, replenishes damaged tissues and absorbs moisture effectively.

Image of Black Chicken Remedies – Axilla Deodorant Barrier Booster 75g by Love Thyself Australia

Woohoo Deodorant Paste

Finally, a salt-free formulation that is healthy and 100% natural that works even for the most sensitive skin. The feeling of being let down by deodorants that help neutralise odour but causes your pits to look red, feel rough and irritated is no more!

The Woohoo Deodorant Paste is an ideal partner while you sweat! Its formulation encourages sweat, unlike antiperspirants that hinder our pits to perform their natural course. With this product, you can sweat with pride without having to worry about your skin being too sensitive and bad odour.

Our underarms should be allowed to sweat and here’s why:

  1. It helps eliminate toxins (i.e. phthalates, BPA and heavy metals).
  2. It helps unblock pores which keep our skin healthy and young.
  3. It helps fight off bacteria as well as viruses that don’t survive in temperatures above 37 degrees Celsius.
  4. Helps prevent kidney stones.
  5. It also prevents infections.
  6. Helps your body cool off and avoid overheating.

With these Top 3 Effective Bicarb Free Deodorants, you’ll never have to worry about red and rough pits, rashes and irritated skin, ever!  Choose any of these 3 deodorants now and you’ll find your pits feeling fresh, flawless and comfortable all day, every day!


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