Separating the myths about enema detox from reality can be difficult without the right information.  Here are some of the common myths and truths about what people experience.


It is normal to get a headache on the second or third day following an enema detox?

Truth: Headaches can occur for people accustomed to drinking a lot of coffee, indulging in too many sugary treats, drinking alcohol on most nights or having other poor dietary habits.

What’s really happening is that the body is trying to get rid of toxins very quickly.  The headache is triggered because the body is not equipped to handle this.  Be sure to drink lots of water to flush these toxins out of your system which will assist in removing the headache.

A sauna or hot bath can help ease the headaches. You can also swallow a few drops of Lobelia herb or rub some on the head to ease the headaches.


It is normal to feel fatigued during an enema cleanse?

Truth:  Once again, feeling fatigued is your body’s response to getting rid of toxins too quickly.

Alternating between a hot and cold water shower can get the blood coursing through your body once again.  Start by showering under hot water for 5 minutes and switch to cold water for one minute.  Repeat the process three times.  This gets blood pumping and gets energy levels up again.  Again, drink plenty of water to aid in the detoxification process.


Coffee enemas are the only way to detox.

Truth:  There are other ways to detox besides coffee enemas.

Epsom Salts, Lemon Juice, Salt Water and Yoghurt enemas are some other popular options you can try.


An Enema Detox will have you making frequent visits to the bathroom

Truth:  If you’re constantly visiting the bathroom after an enema detox, then you may have had a lot of waste to expel.  This should only be shortlived – if this continues then make the following adjustments and consult your naturopath for further advice.

While it’s a good idea to get some rest immediately after a cleanse, if you find yourself making frequent visits to the bathroom, you can slow down the cleanse process by increasing your fibre intake.  Make sure you consume plenty of water to rehydrate.

Add either chia, apple pectin, flaxseed, psyllium or chia to a glass of water and drink it three times a day.  This will help slow down the enema detox process so you don’t have to visit the bathroom frequently.


One should never detox after chemotherapy

Truth:  There may be some truth in this.  In most cases you can have an enema detox after chemotherapy.  If you haven’t had too many treatments and don’t feel drained then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

On the other hand if you feel weak, fatigued and just don’t seem to have any energy left you may want to wait until your immune system is strong enough before going on a detox.


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