How to Get a Healthy Skin during Winter Season

During the winter season, your skin easily becomes dry. Common complaints, especially for those who get dry skin, are redness and itchiness. You can fight these skin problems by simply having a skin with the right moisture in it.

Winter causing skin dryness is inevitable. The cold air could instantly leave the skin feeling fragile as it removes your natural skin moisture.

Not to fret though since there are simple ways of protecting our skin from the cold air. This is your chance to learn good habits that’ll keep your skin hydrated. Unlike any other season, you may need an extra amount of moisturising products during this time.

Below are some easy tips for you to remember in maintaining the skin so you still get the same confidence all the time.

Always keep yourself moisturised.

Keep in mind that after we take a shower, applying moisturiser should always be the next step. It would be wiser to switch to cream-based moisturisers to maximise the strength that your skin needs. Do not miss to apply on your hands since your hands are always prone to dryness because of its exposure.
In order to have smoother hands, start wearing gloves whenever you do your chores at home. Your hands need protection more than you can imagine.


Prepare and Follow Proper Diet.

Your body’s immune system is dependent on the nutrients that it gets from the foods you consume. It is recommended to include foods which are rich in protein and omega 3 to keep yourself hydrated. Having a healthy diet is still the best option along with the right foods. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.


Do not forget to wear comfortable clothes.

Some winter clothes could easily trigger irritation on your skin. Always keep in mind that these clothes have direct contact on your skin and the friction of any rough or wool clothing would cause an immediate reaction.


Spare your hands from cold air by wearing gloves to keep them warm at all times.

Look for soft and comfortable fabrics so your skin won’t be irritated. Having fashionable clothing does not mean you have to compromise your skin.

Spend a lesser time when taking a shower.

Every time we wash up, your skin’s natural moisture gets stripped out without you knowing it. Taking longer showers will make your skin more prone to dryness. Spend at least 5 minutes when taking a lukewarm bath to prevent dryness.


Start Using Gentle Cleansers.

Choosing the right cleanser can be difficult if you do not pay attention to its label. Look for unscented products. These soaps do not contain chemicals that could make your skin itchy and red. Reducing the amount of soap when taking a shower would help keep unnecessary areas hydrated. Focus on areas which are prone to odour when cleansing your body.


Quickly change clothes if it’s already wet.

It is inevitable that our body produces sweat and that makes us feel so uncomfortable. You need to immediately remove any clothes if it gets wet to avoid irritation caused by bacteria. Besides, who does not want to look and smell fresh?


Always wear sunscreen.

You must apply SPF on your exposed skin even if the clouds are dark. These harmful rays of the sun can still damage your skin even during the winter season. Better not take a risk when you go outside without applying sunscreen on your skin for protection. The amount of sunscreen you need to apply on your skin depends on how much that area is exposed. The less exposure, the lesser SPF is required.


Your facial care routine should be checked, too.

Switching to cream moisturising cleansers and alcohol-free cleansers will greatly benefit your skin during the winter season. Not only does it keep your skin nourished but it also helps you retain the moisture your skin needs. It is also recommended to apply moisturiser before you go to sleep.

You may also expereience chapped lips and the pain can be unbearable if that happens. Do not forget to bring a rich moisturising lip balm to be sure you are always ready to beat the cold air. You may also use an ointment, depending on your preference.

A humidifier is a smart investment.

Placing a humidifier inside your home is absolutely necessary. Common illnesses like cold and flu will have lesser chances because of the moisture it brings to your favourite place. It is important for you to know where to put in the right place to maximise the use of it.


After following these tips and you still feel dryness and irritation on your skin, seek help from your dermatologist so you will be given the appropriate treatment. Some moisturisers may not contain the right dosage your skin requires. Your skin needs to be gorgeous at all time, even if winter is fast approaching.


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