Why Optimism Is Essential for Longer Life
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Defining Optimism


Most people, who live longer, are known to be positive thinkers. They are always optimistic in almost everything they do. Having said that, optimism is basically being able to show confidence and hopefulness in situations when they are waiting for a result at all times.


Health Observations


Stress is the primary reason why there are many reported health issues. On the other hand, individuals who are generally happy, and believe that there are great things in life to look forward to, seem to live a healthier and longer life.


This idea has been suggested based on medical research that affirms the benefits of thinking positively at all times. According to some series of tests, optimism may be associated with lesser chances of acquiring severe health issues like infection, cancer, stroke and heart ailments.


Optimistic individuals always think about getting things done in healthier means and prefer to stay away from stress through proper diets and get better sleep. You will notice these types of people when you get to socialise with them. They see life in a better perspective and have ideas which are surprisingly incredible on how they deal with situations that can be stressful to common people.



There is a study which also proves that these individuals have better-coping techniques. In the event like getting ready for challenging situations, accepting outcomes which can no longer be changed, creating ideas for contingency and finally, asking help when the time demands it.


There were rigid tests done for almost 10 years and medical researchers found out that those people who took part during this period had to be tested on their current medical conditions and were practically tested after the survey time. The tests included in their diet, physical activities and their race.


After the investigation, results had shown that those with lower health risks had a 30% difference between the optimistic people compared to less optimistic ones.


Some people easily feel optimism whenever they are full of energy. If a person chooses a healthy living, it creates an opportunity for better satisfaction and relationships. However, this might not be applicable to those who are experiencing depression since they need professional attention to improve their mental health.


In some cases, each person can initiate optimism by themselves through identifying what their goals are, creating networks and some activities which will give them the chance to see healthier visions and of course, the future. Daily tasks like taking note of good things every person does would increase optimism gradually and effectively.



Here are some easy ways to become optimistic:



Find positive suggestions during rough situations.


Whenever you are involved in a stressful situation, try to think about things which will help reduce the problems. It may be a small solution; however, it will still be worth it in the end. For instance, if your goal is to lose 20 lbs of weight, and you notice that you only lost 5 lbs, it may be a smaller loss of weight but it is still an achievement.


Find ways to resolve issues. Do not dwell on the problem.


Let us face it, we have daily problems and we often get dragged by issues that sometimes affect us the entire day. Find ways to keep it simple by checking solutions, rather than the issue itself. Think about ideas that could help make things better. This is one task which will give you a sense of responsibility and you will certainly be right on track!


Celebrate on what you did well every day.


It is a good practice that you think about your little accomplishments each day.  This allows you to be optimistic especially when you tell yourself you’ve done a good job of recalling it before the day ends. It is going to help you build confidence which is essential in achieving your goals in the future.


Choose a healthy lifestyle.


Proper diet and exercise will definitely play an important role in feeling good about yourself. Get a partner who will join and inspire you in physical activities. Choose an exercise which is easier for you to do and find time to make it a habit. Having a healthier body will boost your confidence that you are not just working inside to improve yourself, but you are also taking care of your physique, too.



Always think of happy thoughts.


If your inner body generates good thoughts and feelings, optimism is much easier to achieve. There are several factors, though, which will affect your moods like poor diet, inadequate sleep and poor exercise. If you intend to reach your aspirations, set goals and do it. By getting enough sleep, proper exercise and diet, you will definitely find it easy to always stay happy and can get rid of easily feeling irritable.


These are only a few ideas which will lead you to become optimistic. If you’d like to be creative, find time to explore other interests which set your mood always stay happy and look for good things in every situation you may face. It might be challenging at first, but the results are rewarding.


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  1. Alice Cecilia 2 years ago

    We don’t usually think of optimism as a survival skill but that’s exactly why optimistic people tend to be happy, healthy and stress free. 😉

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