How to Transform Your Bedroom to An Oasis for A Good Night’s Sleep
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After you’ve spent the whole day working and once you go homewards, do you picture your bedroom as a haven where you can sit back, relax, unwind and especially, get a good night’s sleep? Are you ecstatic just by thinking about your personal oasis and enough to make you forget about the complexities of work if you know what I mean?

If not, then that is quite unfortunate because we all deserve to have our rooms designed for our personal relaxation and rejuvenation. I mean, we’ve all worked all day long so at least we could enjoy a good night’s sleep in our very own sanctuary without any queer sounds or loud noises bothering us while we go on a worthy repose.

If it so happens that your room is not as comfortable as it should be, but a basic and uncomfortable space, where you simply go home to, wash clean and change into your clean comfortable clothes, and eventually, fall asleep after catching up with your reading. You need to strain your eyes some more just so you can get your well-deserved sleep. This shouldn’t be the case because your room should be a sanctuary where can sleep comfortable, undisturbed and relaxed throughout the rest of the night.

We understand just how important and necessary it is to enjoy this simple yet necessary joy because getting enough comfortable rest in the evening helps you wake up with a beautiful smile on your face, and embrace the morning with much positivity and enthusiasm. It’s just how it is. Who wouldn’t want that?

Now the question remains how do we actually transform our bedroom into an ideal sanctuary? Here are some tips on how to do this easily and quickly so you can start enjoying your night’s sleep with more gusto after reading this article.


Reassess your bed or mattress if it’s cosy enough for your taste


We all differ in our tastes and preference, and choosing the perfect bed or mattress is no different. Some of us prefer really soft mattresses whilst some prefer something a bit stiff. Choose a mattress that makes you look forward to your good night’s sleep or helps you achieve uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.


Keep your curtains or shutters dark


Blackout curtains or tight shutters help promote healthily and interrupted sleep. Whenever the sun’s rays seep through the sheer curtains, our subconscious mind is somehow disturbed by the brightness, further insinuating that it’s time to get up and go to work. How dragging could that be, especially when you owe it to yourself to get as much sleep as you can because the nature of your work is stressful? Just in case you need reinforcement, go in with a matching sleep mask.


Make sure the room temperature cool yet comfortable


You can opt for a fan that would serve as a cooling factor and a source for white noise. White noise helps to drown out background noise, thus, allowing you to sleep without being disturbed. There are different varieties that serve as an air purifier as well.


Get a humidifier to ease your breathing


A good quality humidifier is said to help ease your breathing while you sleep, not to mention, it keeps your skin soft and hydrated. It also reduces the chances of allergies popping out the blue like colds and dispersion of viruses.



Opt for a good comfortable pillow and pillowcase


Make sure that your pillow is quite comfortable and makes you feel like falling asleep the moment you set your head of face on its fluffy surface. Same goes with the pillowcase you choose, thus, it’s best to have one that doesn’t irritate your skin and is smooth enough so your hair doesn’t get dishevelled too much after you wake up in the morning.


Don’t forget breathable linens and sheets while you’re at it


Unless you want to wake up in ridiculous bouts of sweat in the morning, make sure you choose breathable or lightweight linens and sheets for a most advantageous sleep. Also, choose lightweight sheets that are durable, other than comfortable, so they are easy to maintain and can be machine-washed whenever it gets dirty.


Embellish your bedroom with indoor plants


Along with proper ventilation, indoor plants play an important role in improving the air quality of any household. To improve the air quality in your bedroom, you can flourish it with indoor plants that can definitely do wonders with air quality, not to mention, your breathing and overall health. Some good examples of indoor plants that would make a splendid and valuable addition to your bedroom staples are Aloe Vera plant, Snake Plant, Gerbera Daisy, Rubber Plant, Peace Lily, Weeping Fig and more.


Now you can definitely look forward to a more meaningful good night’s sleep with these helpful tips in mind. If you’re in a pinch, seek out a friend’s help so you can get all these tips done in no time, and perhaps, you can reciprocate the favour so both of you can benefit from these tips for optimal night’s sleep.



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  1. Skye Starling 2 years ago

    Having a good humidifier in your bedroom will help you breathe easier when you have a cold especially at night. And it may also assist loosen congestion and definitely help you sleep better! So make sure to invest on the good ones.

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