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Many people often wonder what makes them happy. Is it money or material things that truly satisfy your mind, body and spirit? Sooner or later you’ll realise that no matter how much money you have, it isn’t really enough to keep you happy.

Life can be stressful and most of the time it’s difficult to find true happiness within. People may think that we’re happy on the outside as we can continue to smile despite the struggles we face every day.

If you are in turmoil within, this can actually have detrimental effects on your outer appearance. For example, breakouts, lacklustre hair and energy levels could actually be the result of masked turmoil within which could worsen and lead to depression.

This needs to stop early before it is too late to recover yourself from depression. That is why you need to learn and incorporate some helpful ways to boost mindfulness in order to strengthen your mind, body and spirit.


Simple Ways to Boost Your Mindfulness



One doesn’t need to have tons of money in order to find inner peace. Simple meditation helps you achieve, this which is considered the most convenient and inexpensive ways to boost mindfulness.

Meditation is a method of training your mind to focus or concentrate for a certain period of time, allowing your thoughts to drift peacefully without the need to dwell in them.

For beginners, to start meditating you can sit or lie in a comfortable position. Some would use a cushion when needed. Close your eyes and try to breathe naturally.

You’ll need to focus and mind your breathing by noticing the movement of your body, shoulders, chest and belly. If your mind drifts to certain thoughts, go back and focus on the movement of your breathing once more.

You can start meditating for less than 5 minutes for a start then once you’re comfortable you try longer periods. Incorporating this practice into your daily activities will boost your mindfulness no doubt.



Do Yoga.

This ancient spiritual activity often goes hand in hand with meditation. Yoga involves going through poses whilst having awareness of the depth and rate of your breathing. This practice also allows you to distance and free yourself from the inner chaos of the mind while honing your mindfulness and cultivating inner peace.


Practice the Art of Gratitude.

Practicing gratitude is a form of discipline as it helps calm the mind and focus on your perspective. This practice involves focusing on the thing that makes you grateful.

While doing this, notice the happiness you feel due to the gratitude that surge within your mind. There is that moment of stillness that makes this activity an effective mindfulness boosting exercise.


Knowing these simple ways to boost one’s mindfulness is truly helpful in building the calmness and happiness within that can never be satisfied with transient things.


How Aromatherapy Helps Meditation


You can also boost meditation with aromatherapy. These two are considered a good combination in order to improve mindfulness. There are several essential oils that are suitable for aromatherapy and to assist in meditation.


Here Are Some Essential Oils You May Like To Try:


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  1. Alica Thom 10 months ago

    Purely Black Essential Oil is a wonderful set of oils! I am all into natural remedies and found essential oils so relaxing and beneficial to my family.

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