Want Your Makeup to Last Longer? Here’s Our Secret…

Prepping your makeup the right way is essential in making it last longer. If you’re a makeup junkie just like me, you’d definitely wish that your makeup would last for hours without having to retouch. Many external factors like the climate as well as molecules present in the air can contribute to makeup fading which ruins all the effort you’ve put into the preparation. Keeping your makeup intact requires a few steps to ensure that it stays longer.



Just follow any of these steps to ensure that your makeup stays intact for a while:


  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly. This step is so important since you want to ensure that before you start applying your makeup, your face is well cleansed. Washing your face before going to bed is also essential. Since makeup is difficult to remove, you can use a natural facial oil or makeup remover to completely remove any remaining makeup. Your face needs to be free of any impurities so it’ll be easier to apply your makeup.


  1. Use a facial toner. A facial toner will help remove remaining dirt or impurities from your face. It also keeps your pores clean as well as gives your complexion a natural glow.


  1. Apply a Hydrating Cream. A hydrating cream from natural and organic ingredients would make a great base as well as preps your skin to make it smooth and supple before you apply your foundation. It also helps protect your skin as it acts like a barrier to prevent changes your face produces such as natural oil, thus keeping your skin looking fresh and helps make your makeup long-lasting.


  1. Don’t forget your primer. Choosing a good primer is important since it helps in creating a smoother application for your foundation. However, not all primers are made equal. You’ll need to choose one that is suitable for your skin type. If you have oily skin, choose a primer that is preferably not oil-based. A primer also helps reduce pores.


  1. Use a foundation suitable for your skin type. Similar to choosing a primer, you’ll need to assess which foundation works well with your skin type. If you have oily skin, go for a foundation with a matte finish. A foundation that creates a dewy effect may not be suitable for someone with oily skin.




  1. Remember to use a setting powder. Use a setting powder to seal your makeup because this is definitely your best friend in making sure that your makeup lasts longer. Just use a blush brush and dab the powder on your face, don’t swipe it as it might remove your foundation. Let some of the excess powder sit for a minute then lightly use the brush to get rid of the excess.


  1. Go with waterproof products. Waterproof products last longer and are better suited especially to those with oily skin.


  1. Don’t apply too much makeup. One of the common mistakes of makeup is applying too much product on your face. Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to makeup. Applying 2 to 3 layers of foundation will make your face look unnatural and if you have oily skin, it’ll produce oil faster compared to applying a thin layer. It is indeed recommended to apply a thin layer that is enough coverage without making your face look cakey.


  1. Choose natural and organic makeup. Choosing healthy and safe products help keep your skin looking younger and less exposed to the negative effects of toxic ingredients and chemicals present in conventional makeup brands.


If you want to start incorporating these steps into your daily makeup routine, it’s best to use makeup products that are derived from natural and organic ingredients. At Love Thyself, we promote products that contain only safe and natural plant-based ingredients that your skin deserves. So, click here now to view any of our great selection of natural makeup products.


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