Makeup 101 - Getting the Right Information and Ending the Misconceptions

Putting the right makeup on our faces requires lots of effort and time to get it right. It is both science and art. You have to know the correct mixture of colours and blend it depending on the complexion of the user. Of course, you must be creative enough to get your desired results. We even witness some renowned makeup artists fail at some point in their career and they are not afraid to share these stories.


Let us always bear in mind that one’s creativity does not stop. Most artists nowadays have different techniques in applying makeup. Most of them rely and base their approach on the latest trend or an upcoming fad they foresee. There are no boundaries or how far their imagination may take them as long as they are able to justify their creativity and this is their best selling point. Gone are the days that you follow specific makeup techniques in order to be “updated” with all the current fashion trends.



However, in line with these ideas, we outlined some of the basic makeup tips to make sure you are doing yours the right way.

Use Foundation first, before Concealer


We have an easy access to different tutorials on how to apply makeup: on television, social media and even our dear friends will show us how it is done. Make no mistake that most of them will advise you to put  on Concealer first before the foundation. By doing this, it is defeating the purpose of Concealer. It will be wiped by foundation the moment it mixes with the Concealer. Be sure to use it in areas where it needs most after the foundation, it will surely look more natural. It is that simple.


Clean the Brushes As Often As Needed


When you look at your used brushes, you cannot tell if it already dirty at all. You will never notice it unless you start showing skin concerns. You do not want to end up having rashes or signs of irritation when that time comes. Clean it as often as possible.


Always Make Sure your Skin is Ready


Before we put our makeup on, we need to make sure our face is clean and a quick preparation will do. Always use a primer before makeup application. This will prevent it from skin break out and you will have a long lasting, natural look, just the way you want it.


Never Apply Lipstick on Extremely Dry Lips


Applying lipstick, especially matte ones, if you have chapped lips is a bad idea. Make it a habit to moisturise your lips first before you put your lipstick on. You’ll realise your lipstick looks a lot better on lips that’s well moisturised.



Don’t go to extremes when copying your favourite celebrity look


There are certain celebrities we admire, up to an extent that we imitate how they act and copy the way they look. It might be fun at first, but surely we do not want to look laughable in the end. These people have different complexion and skin texture, and some of the brands they have been using may not as effective as it may seem. Be sure to use products which are proven to blend well with your complexion, not take chances of what others are promoting because of endorsements.


Check your Makeup’s Expiry Date


Each cosmetic product has different expiry dates, which primarily depends on the date when the item was manufactured. Using an expired cosmetic product may lead to skin health issues and even eye problems. Be sure to throw away that makeup you have not used for a while. Replenishing these products once in a while is a must if you use it occasionally. Never compromise your skin by using expired products.


Choose the Right Concealer


If you want to be sure that you are purchasing the perfect Concealer, check how it looks like in daylight. The shop’s lights are not reliable if you want to see how it matches your skin tone. Always test it first before making any purchases. A lot of consumers rely either on sales staff advice or through impulsive buying. Testing it first before buying will reduce the chances of purchasing the wrong Concealer.


Not Knowing the Skin Type


Each makeup line has a wide variety of choices depending on the customer’s skin type. Ignoring this important matter will be a waste of time and money. Make sure to use the recommended type of product according to your skin type to be sure you are using the right one. If you cannot determine the type of your skin, you may ask help from skin experts.


Wearing makeup is easy, but putting the right ones is the real hard work. It does require effort, patience, creativity and passion to be at your best. The resources are limitless, especially that we are in the era when everyone gets a chance to reinvent and be the best version you could possibly be.



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