Must Know Facts About Dry Brushing VS. Exfoliating With A Loofah Brush

Must Know Facts About Dry Brushing VS. Exfoliating With A Loofah Brush

It is not a surprise that dry brushing has caught the attention of many. But there’s still that question whether dry brushing is better than exfoliating one’s skin using a dependable loofah brush or bath loofah sponge. Some have even confused these two techniques or used them interchangeably but the steps involved for both are different, however, the goal is similar. Both techniques allow you to sweep away dead skin cells from the surface of your skin to maintain a smoother glowing skin.

A Closer Look at Dry Brushing vs. Exfoliation

Although, Dry Brushing is a form of exfoliation, the term Exfoliation is typically used to denote the removal of old skin cells while taking a bath or shower. In other words, it involves water or wet process. Dry brushing on the other hand is exfoliation using a special kind of tool called a dry brush which is different from a bath loofah sponge or loofah on a stick. Using a specific tool designed for this method, exfoliation is done before taking a shower. There are those who prefer this technique rather than wet exfoliation since it is less messy and easier to smooth dry flaky skin.

Dry Brushing

This method has other benefits including lymphatic stimulation to assist in detoxifying the system which also encourages waste removal. It also assists in blood circulation which helps distribute nutrients as well as oxygen to skin, thus promoting collagen production naturally.

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How is Dry Brushing Technique Done?

Before you get too excited about performing this method, it is important to note that there are brushes specifically designed for it. That is right! Don’t purchase just any accessory you see at the store. It is also essential that this tool is not too stiff that will cause abrasion or scratches to the skin. Cuts and scratches are a no-no when it comes to exfoliation because these can be gateways to skin infection caused by bacteria or germs.

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A good example for an accessory to help you achieve naturally glowing and flawless skin is a good quality, preferably non-toxic dry brush with a removable handle. Similar to a back loofah or a loofah back scrubber to help you cover hard to reach places, the bristles are designed with enough firmness needed to remove dead skin cells or flaky skin. With a removable handle, you can easily remove the brush to cover other parts of your body. Make sure that the handle secures firmly to avoid the brush falling off every time you brush your back which can be really annoying.


Image of Bodecare - Jute Dry Face Brush by Love Thyself AustraliaWith this method, keep in mind that brushing in sensitive areas may cause irritation especially the face, neck, décolletage and chest area. Nonetheless, if you use a tool that is specifically designed to sweep flaky skin in delicate areas such as the face, then this is acceptable.

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  1. I’ve been into dry body brushing for about 5years. In this ritual I get to learned all the health benefits of dry body brushing, it made my skin feeling soft and left me with a sense of rejuvenation and well-being. It is a habit that I will never give up or trade!

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