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Benefits of Using a Loofah on a Stick article image by Love Thyself

Are you tired of using the same old sponges for years to exfoliate your skin? It’s time you try other exciting bath accessories to get more out of your shower experience because you deserve better, especially after a hard day’s work. A loofah stick is a wonderful and worthy replacement for those worn out sponges. If you have been too hesitant to try out other shower accessories to help exfoliate your skin naturally, wait till you’ve tried a long handle loofah. You’re sure to have a worthwhile and relaxing bath with this shower accessory.

Sponges and scrubs are good accessories for exfoliation, however, certain areas of the body are hard to reach and difficult to exfoliate, this is where loofah on a stick may come in handy. A back loofah brush makes it possible to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate the body even in hard-to-reach areas.  This way, you need not ask your hubby to scrub your back for you. You may say there’s nothing wrong with that but what if he’s not around? Then you’ll just simply skip exfoliating your back. With a long handled loofah, you can efficiently remove dead skin flakes without needing the help of anyone to scrub your back for you.

loofah on a stick

These bath accessories are well designed and offer you good exfoliation. Many don’t really think much about the tools they use in exfoliating their skin, but finding the right shower accessory that provides you ease and efficiency in smoothing the surface of your skin by eliminating flakes and grime is necessary, in order to achieve a glowing and radiant complexion.

Years have passed and loofahs have evolved with many designs that you can choose from in order to accommodate your skincare needs and help you improve your complexion. Some are designed to offer more convenience wherein the sponge or scrub attached to the handle is removable. So, if you’d rather remove the handle and use the scrub to eliminate grime and dead skin cells, you can do so without the assistance of someone and you no longer need to skip this part of your exfoliating routine. Our backs can also accumulate dirt and grime which result in itchiness if not scrubbed off.

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A loofah strap can also work as well as a back loofah brush. Make sure to choose a sturdy design, so as you rub your back the loofah or sponge attached to the handle wouldn’t fall off easily. Sadly, poor quality products are not designed to last and may break even after using within a week, so be careful not to purchase those. The quality is not the only thing you should consider but the materials used, whether they contain toxic materials that can be detrimental to your skin after continued use is also vital. After choosing the best loofah on stick that suits your needs, just keep it clean and dry after use and you wouldn’t have to worry about bacteria accumulating on its fibres.


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