Why Choose Natural Lipstick to Achieve Moist and Kissable Lips
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Women always want to get their hands on a gorgeous lipstick to make their lips look fabulous and of course, kissable. We often prefer lipsticks that are long-lasting because as the day goes by we can’t escape the fact that we need to eat and drink in order to help us get through the day. This usually affects the longevity of the colour once water touches your lips. So, the longer wearing a lipstick is, the better.


But before you start thinking about the importance of longevity in makeup products particularly lippies, it is also vital to consider the ingredients it contains. Yes, this is indeed true because if you’re really into lippies, especially adding colour to your lips every day, you also need to think about the toxins and synthetic ingredients that you are allowing your lips to get exposed to.


Back in 2012, FDA did a test on four hundred lipsticks in various shades and was shocked to find out the lead content in some brands. Giant makeup companies like Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl, L’Oreal, Body Shop and even Dior were found to contain lead in their lipsticks.


You might think that the lead content isn’t life threatening or hazardous to your healht but it was found by recent science that lead even in small doses is dangerous as it is a neurotoxin which could lead to several health risks.




Why Lead in Lipsticks Isn’t Safe At All?


How often do you wear lipstick? If you’re the type of person who wears lipstick every single day, then you need to be aware of the following effects and health concerns of toxic ingredients in these products.

  1. They decrease fertility in both men and women.
  2. They’re neurotoxic which causes learning, behavioural and language disabilities.
  3. They cause menstrual and hormonal irregularities.
  4. Can delay puberty in both boys and girls.


The Benefits of Natural Lipsticks


So, what are our options if we really can’t do without one? Let’s take the natural route and stick to lippies that contain only natural or organic ingredients that not only help our lips look fabulous but also help moisturise and nourish without harming our overall health for years to come.

These are some of the benefits to look forward to if you decide to take the natural route:


  1. You don’t need to worry about lead or other toxic metals that are typically found in conventional lipsticks. Other metals like aluminium and chromium are recognised as metals that causes health hazards after long exposure to these metals. With natural lippies, only natural ingredients are present.


  1. Natural lipsticks not only make your lips kissable but also contain vitamins that help nourish your lips. Most ingredients are plant-based so you can even lick your lips and taste the goodness from natural lippies since they are 100% healthy and safe.


  1. You can reapply countless times if you want. Yes, without having to worry about toxins in them you can reapply no matter how many times in a day to keep your lips nourished and beautiful.



  1. Natural lippies are suitable for sensitive lips. Since they don’t contain nasties like conventional lippies that are laden with toxins, you’ll find that these are just the kind of nourishment your lips is looking for.


  1. They are vegan friendly as well as cruelty-free. Most natural lipsticks are not tested on animals and if they are, since the ingredients used are natural they aren’t harsh on animals as they are on humans. They are also suitable for vegans so you can expect all ingredients come from plants.



Now that you are fully aware of the dangers of synthetic lipsticks, there several lip products that we can recommend to give your lips the nourishment and charm it needs.


NEEK Skin Organics – Vegan Lipstick (Friday on my mind)



NEEK Skin Organics – Vegan Lipstick (pash)



NEEK Skin Organics – Vegan Lipstick (sunsets)



NEEK Skin Organics – Vegan Lipstick (sweet about me)



NEEK Skin Organics – Vegan Lipstick (come into my world)



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