How Is Lip Care Different from Skincare?
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Have you taken the time to take care of your lips as much as you take care of your skin? If yes, then you can pat yourself on the back because lip care is as important as skincare. Yes, that’s right ladies! This may surprise some people and yet, most of us still neglect to incorporate this step into our daily routine which leaves the lips unprotected, dehydrated and dull.

If you take a look at celebrities and models, you’ll notice how their lips look fresh and full of life. It definitely helps make your facial features young and glowing compared to dull and lacklustre lips.  Imagine yourself on a date and your lips lack moisture and feel quite dry. This scenario makes you wish that you have taken extra pains in keeping your lips hydrated and nourished.

So, how is taking care of your lips different from taking care of your skin? Well, there’s no huge difference really which is the good news. Like the rest of your skin, the layers protecting your lips are the same with the exception of the protective layer, also called corneum, which is thinner on the lips, as well as the lack of sebaceous glands typically responsible for keeping your skin moisturised. This only means that paying attention to your lips to make sure that it’s well-nourished every day must be part of your daily routine.


Steps in Lip Care


Lip care is quite similar to the steps you do in order to take care of the rest of your skin. Exfoliation is the first step and is essential in ensuring that your lips receive optimum benefits from the products you use such as lip balms. This step allows the ingredients to penetrate deep into the layers resulting in more moisturised and hydrated lips.

When you experience chapped lips and fail to exfoliate before applying your lip balm or lipstick, you’ll notice that the product won’t do so well in providing moisture. You’ll need to get rid of the dead skin that is on your lips before you add moisture to it. Most lip balms stay on top of the layer of dead skin before it can penetrate and hydrate your lips. So, you must exfoliate your lips prior to application for the product to do its job well. After exfoliation, apply your favourite lip balm to add moisture and protection. Lip balms create a protective barrier which keeps free radicals and sun damage at bay.

While there are many lip care products available out there, it is essential to find products with quality natural ingredients in order to provide your lips with enough moisture and nourishment. Indeed, there are countless lip care products that claim to provide your lips what it needs; however, most of these are laden with chemicals that could be harmful to your lips especially after using them long-term. So, take time to read the label or research about the merchandise before you decide to incorporate it into your daily regimen.


Need Lip Care Suggestions? Check out these items made from quality ingredients to safeguard and moisturise your lips daily.


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Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

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  1. Mikayla Muriel 2 years ago

    Love these lip balms! The ECO LIPS Lip Balm has a great formula and last longer than any other product I’ve tried. Definitely a must have.

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