What Are Halal Beauty Products And How Does It Compare With Vegan Beauty?
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One of the hottest topics that are now trending in the beauty scene is Halal Beauty. If you’ve heard of Halal meat then you probably have a good idea what it means. Although, it’s not something new since many Muslim women have preferred and invested in Halal Beauty for several years. Recently, however, it has become popular once again which has paved the way for more Halal skincare brands to be readily available in the market.


What Is Considered Halal Beauty?


The term “Halal” is Arabic which means permitted or acceptable. It pertains to beauty or skincare products that contain only ingredients that are acceptable to Islamic Law. Furthermore, products that contain ingredients that are “haram” or forbidden in Islam are not considered Halal beauty.

Some ingredients that are considered ‘haram’ are alcohol, gelatin, pork fat or anything that is pork derived or blood. But the term goes beyond ingredients or food. The process involved in the making of these products as well as the packing is also considered. For example, acceptable beauty or skincare products are manufactured using clean tools as well as using materials that do not harm people.



How Can We Compare Vegan Beauty with Halal?


People who are conscious about the products they use would consider Vegan beauty as well. Vegan beauty products are those that don’t contain animal-derived ingredients. So, if a product contains beeswax, propolis or lanolin then they can be considered Halal but not Vegan. Likewise, products that contain anything that is considere ‘Haram’ or forbidden such as alcohol may be considered Vegan, but these are not considered Halal products.

If you’re also interested in cruelty-free beauty or skincare products, there are those that may be considered both Halal and Vegan but isn’t cruelty-free. For example, brands that use silicone-based polymers are not cruelty-free but may be considered Vegan or Halal.


How Check Products are Halal or Not?


The most practical way to check whether a skincare or beauty product is considered Halal is to check for Halal certification on the label. Or you can do the extra mile and research the ingredients that are considered Haram as well as check whether the brand’s manufacturing processes follow Halal practices.

Knowing the brands that are certified Halal will also help you save time on what to purchase. Some notable brands are Inika Organic, PHB Ethical Beauty, Iba Halal Care, Inglot Nail Polishes, Shehnaz Hebal, Amara Cosmetics and Clara Cosmetics.

If you can spare time to research what brands are considered Haram then this helps you save time as well. Some brands we can think of that are not Halal are Revlon, Cover Girl, Neutrogena, Avon, Olay, Physicians Formula and Ulta.



Why You Should Consider Halal Beauty?


Even if you’re not Muslim, investing in Halal Beauty is one of the more responsible and ethical choices when purchasing beauty or skincare brands. If consumers take extra care in considering how products were manufactured, then there would be fewer demands for brands that do not care about cruelty-free, vegan or halal practices.





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