Quick Exercises to Recover Your Body after the New Year
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New Year is finally over but you have to admit that even though your body is telling you to spend the rest of the day sleeping, your mind is craving for a good workout session. After all the indulgence and now, after waking up with a hangover, this is enough reason to start the year right with a good workout routine.


Or if you’re not convinced that all the champagne, wine, and copious food you ate last night aren’t enough to push you to head to the nearest gym, try evaluating how you’re feeling the next day. If it feels like a struggle to get out of your comfy bed, this probably means that your body badly needs those exercises.


Punishment as it may seem to forego the comfort of your bed but you’ll thank us for this article and feel proud of yourself after your done. It’s not even necessary to go out to complete your workout if you don’t want to. Some people like me, for example, prefer working out at home in front of the TV or while listening to my favourite feel-good songs on Spotify.


Do this at home if you prefer and still feel good after doing these exercises. We recommend doing a minimum of five sets or more, depending on your liking, as well as a thirty-second rest in between exercises.



Step Up Exercises


To do this, you’re going to need a small sturdy bench enough to pull your body up. Place one foot on the centre of the bench with your back straight and chest open. Pull up your body with your heel, push with your quad and do a step-up motion. It’s recommended to do this 15x on each leg.


Dumbbell Rows


Secure a flat bench and position a dumbbell on each side of the bench. Position your right leg on top of the edge and with your torso bent forward so that your upper body is parallel to the floor. Use your right hand as support and position it at the other end of the bench whilst your left hand should be used to pick up the dumbbell from the floor with your back straight while holding the weight.

Pull the weight straight to the side of your chest with the upper arm pinned to the side and the torso unmoving, and breathe out as you continue to pull. Your forearms must hold the weight but do not attempt to use it to pull the dumbbell up.

Lower the weight down straight to the initial position. Try to breathe in while performing this step. Do this 10 times on each of your arms.



Flutter Kick Exercises


Position your body lying down with your body facing up and on your back. Your hands should be placed under your buttocks. Lift starting with your right leg as high as your hip height whilst your lower back is stationary on the ground. Lift the left leg as well so it hovers slightly off the floor, hold 2 seconds and then switch the position of your legs finishing with a flutter kick motion.



Jump Lunges


Position your body standing while both your feet staggered, with your left foot slightly more forward than the right foot. Ensure that your stance is flexible with both knees bent in a slight and not full lunge. After which while your core is engaged and ready, jump and while in mid-air switching the position of your feet so you land in a basic lunge with the right leg forward. Do this movement continuously while alternating which leg to put forward without rest.

To ensure that no injury will take place, your back leg must be bent directly underneath the body while the front leg is bent about 90 degrees at the hip and knee. Perform this 20 times at a minimum if possible.



These are just a few of the exercises that will help you recover from your unhealthy binge during New Year’s celebration. Of course, if you prefer other exercises that have been part of your workout ever since, then, by all means, go for it. What’s important is to get back to your healthy workout sessions and habits, so your body recovers instead spending an uneventful day just sleeping.

By the way, the same can be said with your skincare routine. It may seem a challenge to hop into your skincare routine after a hangover but keep in mind that you certainly don’t want to wake up the next few days with blemishes or breakouts and dull complexion. If you want your skin to look its best then always pay attention to what your skin needs every day.

By simply following these exercises and recommendations, you can enjoy a toned and relaxed body and mind like you just didn’t experience any hangover at all. Go for it and experience it for yourself, so you’ll know exactly what we meant.

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  1. Tahlia Hoad 1 year ago

    Thank you for the tips on how I can get back on track after holiday indulging.

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