Practical Tips to Improve Sleep Quality
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Your sleep or lack of it affects your entire day, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Sometimes it takes a little bit of effort to improve your sleep patterns. Here are some practical tips to improve your quality of sleep.


Create and try to follow a schedule.


Weekends could be the culprit when it comes to ruining your rest cycle. We are all guilty of maximising our leisure time and trying to get the most of those days off from work. Following a routine may help you get even more quality time out of your weekend.

Try to keep the time you go to bed consistent.  If you know you are going to have a late night, try a nap in the afternoon to prevent your body from becoming exhausted.  Even a quick 20 minutes rest can make a difference.


Turn the lights off or dim it.


Your body naturally tells you to shut down whenever the lights are off. If you keep bright lights on for over an hour, your senses will tell you to be awake longer than usual. You may dim the lights if you do not prefer to turn them all off. Setting your mood inside the bedroom is essential to prompting your body to release those sleep hormones and to calm the nervous system.


Observe and personalise your rituals.


Calm your mind first so it would be quicker to condition your mind for proper rest. Have a repetitive activity which will relax your mind and help you to switch off. Things like having essential oil diffuser, playing calming music or meditation help to ease your senses. Taking a warm and quick bath would also be helpful.


Be cautious of your food intake.


As much as you can, avoid coffee, chocolates or other stimulants that could keep your eyes wide open. Make sure to stay away from them for at least 8 hours before your bedtime. It’s best to avoid caffeine and sugar especially when you want to prepare your body for a good night rest. Eat just the right amount of food. Make sure to have something in your tummy, hungry stomach would lessen your sleep hours. Try to opt for food rich in fibre to keep your tummy satisfied for hours and to avoid late night snacks.


Organise the bedroom to be as stress-free as possible.


Spend quality time in making your room as exclusive as possible – a place where you’re most comfortable. Be sure to leave other things which may distract you.  Set the appropriate room temperature, not too warm and not too cold. Invest in your bed, pillows and sheets. You spend many hours in bed, this is just a must. Your body will be relaxed when your sleep has been comfortable and supportive.


Try to keep your phone away when you’re ready to sleep.


Browsing and using mobile phones in bed will keep your mind active. Make sure to set your alarms and put it in a hard to reach area to avoid interruption. Never watch television while you are trying to fall asleep.

If these tips don’t work, get up and do something simple like folding clothes or a bit of reading. If there are things on your mind  that are bothering you try keeping a journal.


Stay fit and exercise at the right time.


Physical fitness needs not be compromised for better sleeping habits. Ensure that you do heavy exercise at least 4 hours before bed time. Both body and mind become active after strenuous activity.



We all know that we need optimal sleep for a healthy body and mind.  Hopefully some of these tips will help you if you are having disturbed sleep patterns.

It is really important that you try to minimise your stress levels and stimulation when trying to fall asleep.  If you are struggling, get up and have a chamomile tea, read a book and try to not panic as it will only make it harder for you to drift off.

Be kind to your body, listen to what it is telling you and help yourself unwind to enjoy the benefits of your rejuvenation time.


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