Importance of Sleep and Benefits of Using Eye Masks
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When was the last time did you have a good night sleep? I am certain that when you’ve had enough rest, you’ll feel good all day long. It’s like an intense feeling that all of your senses are reborn and you are ready to face the entire day with a smile. It’s a question that most adults will have different answers. Most of them would even ask how to get that quality sleep.


Sleep can be boring for kids, but they would easily fall asleep whenever they are tired. For adults, it seems to be a continuous challenge. In fact, some people would have a lot of rituals before going to bed just to fall asleep. It is next to impossible to get the same sleeping habits as kids do.


According to health experts, at least one out of three adults is sleep-deprived or is not getting enough hours of sleep.  The ideal average number of sleep hours for adults should at least be 7 uninterrupted rests. This is crucial to both physical and mental aspects.  This is one of the reasons why we easily get irritated, out of focus and the worst part is, we get sick.


Women have a bigger chance of lacking sleep, especially in our modern society. We are aware that most working women are also mothers, which means their tasks do not stop at the office. Based on research, more than 50% of women suffer from this condition, unlike men which are only approximately 40%.


Let us discover the benefits we get whenever we achieve the recommended sleep hours:


  • Better Skin Care. If we want to reduce skin problems like dryness or sagging of skin or acne it is imperative to get enough sleep.


  • Repair Muscles. After any strenuous activity, our muscles need to repair. Taking adequate sleep will help repair any damaged muscles and tissues.


  • Strengthening the Immune System. Whenever we are sick, we always get a recommendation to have a complete rest to recuperate. This is the simplest, yet most helpful in ensuring fast recovery. This is also applicable to prevent sickness. Most people who are lacking sleep are found to have weaker immune systems and susceptible to infection or illness.


  • Alertness. When we are at work, one can easily identify who slept well and who hadn’t. Focus and being able to perform efficiently are common issues addressed to those who lack sleep. People who lack sleep are often moody and it is generally evident by their body movements.


When we are deprived of sleep, we are exposed to serious health issues like heart ailments, obesity and depression. We have many healthy ways to prevent this from happening. We just need to increase our awareness and be conscious of our lifestyle and habits.


Getting Sleep Masks


If you want to sleep well or fall asleep quickly, you may want to check several factors like room temperature, lighting, noise and other distractions. Once you have identified these, you can now grab a pair of sleep masks to help you sleep better. It will help your senses to fall asleep as it blocks your surroundings during your bedtime. Whenever we are not exposed to light, our minds would dictate us to relax and fall asleep in no time. There were a series of tests that those people who wear eye masks have lesser chances of interrupted sleep than those who don’t.


When you travel, whether it is by land or air, bring a pair of sleep masks. It will be handy since you can put it in your bag and easily grab it whenever you need it. This will help your eyes; refrain from discomfort caused by lights or distractions. It is extremely necessary, particularly if it is a long trip or flight.


When choosing the right eye masks, consider its comfort and functions. Some sleep masks may have attractive designs but may defeat the purpose why you are getting one. Make sure to purchase an eye mask which is soft and comfortable, not too tight and the one that blocks the light perfectly.


It is not yet too late to make it a habit to end your day with a quality sleep. We have been working too hard every day and we need to regain the strength we need the following day. If we want to live longer and healthier, sleep is the main ingredient to stay away from sickness so we always end the day with a good night and face the new day with a good morning!

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  1. Amy Burn 11 months ago

    A good sleeping aide and travel partner. It helps reset my sleeping cycle and get back into the sleep schedule.

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