How a Toxic Relationship Negatively Affects Our Health
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Whenever we talk about health and wellness, we immediately associate it with our lifestyle, diet and how we deal with stress every day. In short, our minds tell us what to do while our body simply follows and reacts to it.


Even self-help books would tell us that most toxic relationships not only negatively impact our minds but also our bodies. Physiologically and psychologically speaking, people who have this type of relationship tend to have higher risks of several diseases because of the stress it brings.


Just like the stories we hear and see in the movies, they could either lose or gain weight immediately, have sleep disorders and other illnesses caused by stress. It does happen in real life, too. We cannot be immune from sickness if we have irregular sleep or eating habits, obviously.


Signs like being ignored, belittled, abused (either verbally or physically), and other acts which make us feel we are no longer important in someone’s life mean we are in a toxic relationship.


More often than not, people are in a state of denial. It would be better if we talk to our closest friends or family members to share our problems if our relationship is no longer healthy, as long as you talk to someone whom you can trust and rely on.


However, if your situation becomes worse, if you are showing symptoms like anxiety, depression and panic attacks, you need to visit a medical expert to seek professional help.


It takes courage to admit one need help so don’t underestimate yourself as you have courage left in you to seek help whenever you need it. We must prioritise our wellness, let us never compromise it.



Below are some significant reasons why toxic relationships negatively affect our health, based on health experts:


Length of emotional distress leads to the seriousness of health issues.


Hormonal imbalance, loss of appetite, anxieties and depression would seriously have an impact on our health after a long period of emotional turmoil. Who would imagine that having these early signs would lead to even fatal illnesses? It is detrimental that we ignore it the first time we notice these symptoms.


Emotional distress instantly affects our health, negatively.


While some of us have heard stories from our friends and loved ones that they are having relationship issues, after further probing we learn that they cannot sleep well, have issues with hypertension or has been sick for no reason, this could mean they are suffering from emotional distress due to being involved in a toxic relationship.


We must make them feel you are listening to them. It is crucial that we pay attention to them because it could be worse if their concerns are not addressed. Most of the time, they just need someone to talk to, trust me, being drained emotionally is worse than being sick. Again, our emotions and physiological aspects are always connected. It won’t harm us if we spend quality time with them by listening.



Importance of Reducing Stress.


Few people would say that getting involved in a physical activity, taking supplements and a regular exercise would reduce stress. This is absolutely wrong. These activities are not going to address the emotional and psychological issues you are facing. Whenever our mind is stressed, we are not able to function properly. Which means our system might have the right defenses against diseases. Finding ways to relax is a better option to naturally heal and get well immediately.


This step is applicable especially if you cannot burn the bridge from the one who is causing the stress (like a family member). It is one healthy step in taking care of yourself.  Spend some time in a spa for a therapy session, write a journal and always be creative in exploring things that catch your interests.


Getting acupuncture is an alternative since this treatment addresses all stress in our body. A bi-weekly massage therapy is one great help to ease our minds to stay relaxed and connected with our body. Hormones like Oxytocin are released during these treatments which are similar to “love hormones” which naturally help us in the healing process.


Physiological fights have a similar reaction when triggered by stress.


Whenever we have a fight, our senses, consider both emotional and physical stress as the “enemy”, which always try to protect us from any harm.


This is an instance where our body reacts to both mental and physical life-changing events that include a toxic relationship. We have different responses when we deal with stress; this is what we call our natural way of overcoming issues.

I cannot imagine living my whole life without wellness. It is the reason why we survive each day. Although we are inspired by waking up in the morning to the soothing sounds of birds and hopeful for a better day, however, we need to remind ourselves how important it is to take care of our health, no matter what happens.


Our instincts would tell us to defend ourselves from any harm, which includes toxic relationships. We could either face the problems or stay away from it but at the end of the day, you must check yourself if you are ok. If not, help is just around the corner. You will never find answers if you keep your issues to yourself.



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