Holiday Season: Are We Eating the Right Food?
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The holiday season gives us many reasons to give in to temptations especially when we talk about keeping a healthy diet. There is plenty of food out there which targets our taste buds, and you may find it hard to resist, too. Knowing what we can do to replace them would help us celebrate the season enjoying it without putting our health and diet at risk. We need to realise that we should prepare guilt-free foods that would give us the same satisfaction instead. It also essential to know what foods we must try to avoid so as not to put our routine in jeopardy, so here are some familiar foods that you should steer away from this holiday.


 Roasted Ducks


Consuming a roasted duck during this holiday season means getting high calories because this food contains addictive ingredients that make us keep eating until we become so full.


Instead of a roasted duck, replace it with a healthier alternative like chicken meat, specifically white meat. You will be able to eliminate the fats and of course, cut these calories to almost half of it.




This holiday food contains high calories, fat and carbs. This may also put us into a risk of consumption when not cooked appropriately.


Instead of the usual ingredients, replace them with lots of diced vegetables like mushrooms and celery. This is surely safer and healthier to serve to your guests and for your personal consumption, too.


Cranberry Sauce (Canned)


The ingredients which are found in a can of cranberry sauce are mostly rich in fructose which will increase the insulin and lead to fat, eventually.


Replace it using fresh cranberries instead. These berries are a great source of vitamins C, K and E, as well as fibre. You may prepare salsa with the help of these fresh berries along with a bit of salt, white onion, an ample amount of fresh lemon extract and a little amount of sugar.


Candied Yam


This holiday food contains lots of sugar which are definitely unhealthy.


Try replacing candied yam with sweet potatoes which contain natural flavour, a great source of fibre and rich in vitamins, as well. A little amount of sugar, preferably brown, and cinnamon will make it even a more delightful treat for your taste buds.



Stuffed Potatoes


The traditional loaded potatoes containing cheese, cream cheese and sour cream contain fat and high calories. Switch to sweet potatoes using an olive or canola oil and add seasoning like fresh herbs to improve its taste.



Peanut Brittles


Although we are aware that the peanuts contribute healthy fats to give us a healthy cardiovascular system, this benefit is no longer useful when nuts are entirely coated with sugar, butter and corn syrup. These ingredients could trigger health risks, instead of benefits.

Replace peanut brittle with a chocolate bar (dark) with berries and roasted almonds. This is a perfect alternative which will satisfy your sweet cravings but only with lesser calories and antioxidants which is good in reducing harmful toxins.


Alcoholic Drinks


These beverages could interfere in burning fats by preventing the reduction of calories from fat or the sources of protein. Some drinks could also contain added sugar depending on its flavour.


Moderate drinking lessens the chances of gaining these calories or simply stay away from consuming alcoholic beverages. You may keep yourself hydrated with water or get a small amount of wine with a mix of club soda and you will surely save you calories without depriving yourself.


Hot Chocolate


This classic holiday or any occasion drink is a match particularly this season. You have to lessen the cups and you may include your family, too. This would have a negative impact on your teeth’s enamel and would make it also worse when mixed with sugar and dairy.


If you cannot help yourself to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, you have to make sure that it is not very hot. Make it a habit to drink water to cleanse any particles left.





Who does not need coffee? Though we need coffee to keep us awake and start our day right; we need to limit our frequency of drinking coffee. After drinking coffee, you will feel dryness on your mouth and of course, that bad breath.


If you have pearly white teeth, you may want to save them from coffee stains. We may not be able to completely avoid this caffeine drink, keeping it in moderation is the best way to keep your smile bright, especially during this season.


Candy Canes


Kids and those young at heart need to avoid this candy because it will damage your oral hygiene, seriously. Dental experts would inform their patients to make these candy canes as part of the decoration of a Christmas tree. If you want your loved ones to have healthy and strong teeth, stay away from these sweets.



Celebrating the holiday season means a lot to most of us. If we can find ways to observe it in a way that your health is still paramount, then it’s worth it. As they say, it is a season of giving and sharing. So, let us start it amongst ourselves by carefully choosing the food we eat, serve and share to our friends and family.




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