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It’s Plastic Free July and it’s time for us to practice green eco ways to promote sustainable living. It is indeed a challenge to take a more responsible path as we are all busy with our day-to-day activities and most of the time; it’s easier to just succumb to the demands of our time without caring about the environment.

But, no matter how difficult it may seem, we need to do our part in helping our environment. It’s all about making it a habit and once you’ve practiced eco-friendly ways you’ll realise it’s not that hard really. Doing your part in reducing your eco-footprint and reducing waste is a huge help to our society in a time where disposables are predominant.


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Here are Eco-Friendly Ways to Promote Sustainable Living:

  1. Reduce Waste. Reducing your waste consumption will help the environment a great deal. A good place to start is to simplify your lifestyle. Before making purchases, ask yourself if you really need it. Purchasing less means you produce less waste.


You may also have old stuff that you don’t need but before you throw them out, think about possible ideas wherein they can be recycled. There are lots of creative and interesting ideas you can get from the Internet on projects where you can recycle old things.


If you don’t have time for doing recycling projects, you can sell stuff you don’t use to friends, family, relatives, etc. These things may not be of use to you but they could be useful to other people. This way you can reduce waste by letting others reuse them.


  1. Be Plastic Free! Yes, plastic is definitely not good for the environment. When you make a purchase, it would be a great idea to consider biodegradable or recyclable packaging. If possible, avoid plastic!


Unlike in the past where not many companies thought much about promoting eco-friendly ways to produce their products, however, this time, it’s great to know that many companies are practicing responsible and eco-friendly ways to promote their products.


So, it’s best to choose products that are green and plastic free. Keep in mind though that some companies practice green washing which is a typical marketing strategy to confuse buyers into thinking that they’re purchasing products which green but in reality they’re not. To avoid this, you’ll need to take a closer look at the packaging and check for certifications. If it’s not available, research further and ask questions.  You’ll likely find their contact numbers on the packaging or search for them online.


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  1. Consider Vegan, organic or animal-free diet. It may be a challenge at first but choosing vegan, organic or animal-free diet makes a powerful impact to support the environment. This also promotes a healthy lifestyle. According to a UN report, the livestock sector is considered the second or third of the most contributing factor to greenhouse gases which is why this is enough reason to switch to an animal-free or vegan diet.


  1. Water Conservation. Conserving water is a simple and yet really important reminder for all of us as freshwater has become an impending crisis that we or the next generation will face if we do not practice responsible use of our water supply.


  1. Energy Conservation. Conserving energy is another simple and very important thing that we can do especially when we limit our use. This way we can also reduce our climate change emissions as much as we can. It’s best to review your appliances and only make use of them when necessary. You can also purchase green energy.


These are just some of the ways that you can start working on to promote sustainable living. At Love Thyself, we promote products that are eco-friendly and promote a healthier and more sustainable environment. If you’re interested in making this change, here are some products that we thought you may want to purchase:


PearlBar – Bamboo Toothbrush Medium

PearlBar – Bamboo Toothbrush Medium image by Love Thyself

Beeutiful – Beeswax Food Wrap | 2 x Small

Beeutiful – Beeswax Food Wrap | 2 x Small article image by Love Thyself

Beeutiful – Swedish Dishcloth – Green Trend

Beeutiful – Swedish Dishcloth – Green Trend image by Love Thyself

Eco Mates – Mop It Clean (Herbal Floor Cleaner) 500ml

Eco Mates – Mop It Clean (Herbal Floor Cleaner) 500ml image by Love Thyself

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