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Craving for foods, whenever you are in a stressful situation, is our body’s reaction even though we are not the least bit hungry. There might be a possibility that we consume the fastest food we can prepare, or shall we call it instant foods. However, we need to put these ideas away and start making a list of what can satisfy our hunger and of course, something that could put our minds at ease.

If we are thinking of foods that might help us relax and satisfies our cravings, you must consider knowing the ingredients and nutritional facts of the foods you regularly consume before putting them on your favourites list. Some foods will just make you feel full, some will make you crave more of it, and some will just give you the nutrients you need. Therefore, you need to be wise enough to know which ones are worthy of your pocket and health.

The foods below are the most recommended options to keep yourself relax with your appetite fully satisfied.



Have you recently checked your blood pressure? If you have been diagnosed to have hypertension, include bananas on your list as one of your snacks to ensure your blood pressure is kept low, especially when you need it. Avocados work the same, too. Thanks to potassium which is present in both of these fruits.

Tuna and Salmon

Who would imagine fats from fish could give us Omega 3? Salmon and Tuna are rich in Omega 3 to maintain your adrenaline in a normal and calm pace. These foods will surely take good care of your heart.


Instead of longing for crisp of chips, why not replace it with carrots? While you enjoy the crunchiness of this vegetable, it also puts your stress away. Not to mention the undeniably low calories it brings.


Choose your favourite tea flavour. It is up to you. This drink would make you forget the stress as if it never happened. This relaxing drink will soothe your mind at ease, in the morning or any time of the day. You may enjoy it either in hot or cold serving.


After a long and stressful day, treat yourself with a warm glass of milk. The protein, calcium, and vitamins of each glass of milk will relieve tired muscles. Falling into a deep sleep will never be an issue again.


In order to have an active and healthy life, you must not forget nuts on your list. Walnuts and almonds will give you an extra boost through zinc and vitamins. There is nothing that can stop you from doing what you want to do if this food becomes part of you.

Dark Chocolate

Go ahead, give yourself a break, indulge with a bite of chocolate. Chocolates have been proven to lessen the level of stress and enhance the mood of a person. Of course, you must observe to consume it in moderation.


A research was conducted and saw an impressive reduction in blood pressure of participants after doing a very difficult activity when they inhaled an aroma coming from a coconut. Adding coconut as part of your recipe won’t harm but give you tons of benefits while keeping your mind relaxed and ensuring your blood pressure at a normal rate, too.


A little intake of honey can give you a huge difference. There is an ingredient called tryptophan which has been proven to treat anxiety while it calms the nerves. Add honey in your routine each day and you are all set. Get rid of the stress with the help of this sweet treat.

Brown Rice

Adding brown rice in your diet can also help you set your mood. It has this serotonin that is responsible in keeping you in that mood. Also, it contains melatonin that is known to help in aiding a good night sleep. Mix brown rice with any veggies to maximise the nutritional benefits in each meal.


Instead of spoiling yourself with ice cream, grab yourself a yoghurt. It is a no-brainer that it gives lesser calories, unlike any ice cream. Better make a smart choice whenever you are stressed out, a yoghurt will ease your mind, only in a healthier way compared to other desserts out there.


These foods cannot completely cure all the anxieties you might have. It is also important to consult an expert if the level of stress you have is no longer tolerable. You also need to check if these foods will have an allergic reaction before you indulge in it. Having a healthy lifestyle is still recommended to achieve best results.

As long as you take these foods in portions, it is okay. Make sure that regular exercise is still incorporated with your diet. You may now easily say goodbye to all worries and leave them behind as quick as you can.


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