Five Affordable and Accessible Ways to Achieve Sustainable Living

Five Affordable and Accessible Ways to Achieve Sustainable Living

Moving towards sustainable living may seem like an awesome idea especially since we’re helping out the environment. However, this idea can be challenging for some people considering the issue of time constraints as well as financial budget. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t give up on this idea since there are simple ways where we can achieve sustainable living without breaking the bank and without compromising your busy schedule.


Five Ways to Achieve Sustainable Living Affordably and Accessibly


  • Using personal alternative energy like solar panels to save on electricity. There was a time when solar panels were too expensive especially for average wage earners, however, throughout the years the cost of setting up your own alternative energy using solar panels has decreased significantly. It’s now affordable which makes it a smart choice for any household to consider.


  • Dine or purchase products that source their ingredients locally. Supporting local restaurants or food joints that source their ingredients locally actually helps the environment as this decreases the use of fossil fuel in transporting goods from one to location to another.You can also start growing your own vegetables if you still have time around your busy schedule. Not only is this idea practical but you can be certain that your food came from ingredients that are safe and healthy.You can support Farmers Market near your vicinity as this is an awesome way to shop for seasonal produce as well as organic and free-range food whilst supporting the local farmers and agriculture.



  • Use public transportation if you live in major towns or cities. Taking public bus networks or train lines and by minimising your car use, actually reduces greenhouse gas emissions and also traffic congestion where cars emit greenhouse gases due to being stuck in traffic. This helps the environment and if there’s a way for you to ride a bike to work then even better. If you’re conscious about the negative effects of greenhouse gases towards the environment, then considering this eco-friendly alternative would be your best option.


  • Minimise food waste whenever possible. Food waste is rapidly becoming a global epidemic but there’s always simple ways you can do to minimise food waste. One should be aware that organic matter found in landfills produce methane emissions, CO2 as well as chlorofluorocarbons which influence global warming and climate change. So, how can you minimise food waste daily? A practical yet simple recommendation is to be smart and responsible when you’re shopping for food. It’s best to plan out your meals for the week, make a list of all ingredients you need and make sure to stick to this list.


  • Reduce your environmental footprint. One way to reduce your environmental footprint is through sharing economy or recycling. Sharing economy is a cost-saving alternative as well as great for the environment. One example would be to reduce your purchases like instead of buying a new dress you can rent one. Another example is by recycling materials instead of throwing them out or purchasing something new. If we reduce our purchasing power, we help reduce the consumer demand for goods as well as the resources used during production.



So these are just some of the affordable and accessible ways that help promote sustainable living. If you’re new to this concept, you don’t have to be in a hurry to accomplish all of these ideas. Just do what is comfortable and attainable one step at a time.


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