Enjoying the Holidays Without Overindulgence
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Everyone is looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year – the Holidays! It brings out all the reasons for celebration, sharing of gifts and as always, scrumptious food on the table. A party is not festive without food, but the tough question is, are we able to let it pass without having a taste of these sumptuous and delightful meals?


It will be a difficult thing to do, especially when we tend to forget that too much is still not enough. Seriously, you just cannot stop yourself once you are in it.


We decided to come up with quick steps for you to relish the food without the guilt feeling and possibly, regrets after. These ideas will surely keep you on track and guide you the needed discipline along the way:


Ignore food you do not love.


We often get excited the moment we see all the food on the table, those colourful salads, a variety of cuisines and mouth-watering desserts out there. Simply pay no attention to these foods. You do not need to have a taste if you barely like it.



Bring chewing gum.      


If you think you have consumed too much food, chew a bit of gum. Chewing gum makes you feel as if you are consuming food, but that isn’t true after all. It helps the stimulation of the digestive system every time you chew a gum.



Wear tight clothes.


This is one simple reminder when the right moment tells you to start feeling uncomfortable, you need to stop and control it. If you go to an event, most people who are lean and physically fit are those who are wearing tight clothes.


You’ll eventually get used to the idea and even welcome the act of controlling your hunger – at the back of your mind, you know that you’ll less than appealing when you’re all bloated while wearing really tight clothes.



Stay away from skipping dinners to prepare for the holidays.


There is a misconception about seriously skipping any meal of the day just to enjoy the food during the holidays. Our body naturally craves for food and we want more if we deprive our body of consuming the food we want. So skipping meals is definitely not a good idea. Eat light meals so you do not get too excited when the holiday meals are right in front of your eyes.




Replace alcoholic drinks with water.


Though aged and expensive wines are there to lure your senses, it would be better to drink water instead. Some would even trick themselves by drinking a few glasses of water before they eat to lessen their food intake. Water instantly makes you feel you are full and it is good for cleansing, too.



Get your favourite dessert good for one meal.


The most tempting part of each party is the dessert. Try to look for the dessert you like most and have a slice of it. Some guests would give in and lead to overindulgence by tasting each and every dessert they see. They do not realise that little bites would make them feel so full that they cannot move after a few moments.



Choose veggies as your starters.


When we are about to choose our starters, we usually grab veggie plates at once. Getting one plate will be enough to start your meal. Make sure to choose the veggies you enjoy most. No one will stop you from getting green, leafy vegetables. This is a great healthy way to start a sumptuous dinner.



Planning will keep your goals on track.


Having the initiative to know what food is going to be served on the table will be a great way to maintain discipline. Try getting at least an idea of which cuisine you prefer to eat and get an amount you need when you are right on it. There are instances that we lose focus by the time the food aroma lingers in the area. You just have to know which ones you need and do not bother looking for other food you have not tasted or wanted at all.


If you think these reminders are not enough, you can use your resources to find out which steps will make you feel comfortable to eliminate overindulgence. Remember, it is better to try these alternatives to stay away from overeating and avoid unwanted fats in the future. We have witnessed people spending too much time in the gym just to waste it in one single event. Burning calories can be expensive, too, if we are too lazy to visit a fitness centre.


These several techniques can be used anywhere as long as there is a need for it. Eventually, it will become a habit and part of your lifestyle. When it becomes a part of your routine, you will not be bothered by the urge to overindulge during parties and holidays. Going to a party does not always mean spoiling ourselves with lots of food but taking control of your food intake through moderate eating will help you adhere to your routine. It is a matter of presence of mind and discipline which will always come together for a better you.

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  1. Alana Moffat 2 years ago

    Slow down and set a plan on how you want to feel after your meal. And make sure to enjoy the holidays 🙂

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