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Is there any truth behind the question of whether excessive exposure to screen technology on your mobile devices or computer can have detrimental effects on your skin or health?

Exposure to screen technology, also commonly known as blue light technology, is notably something almost all human beings in this lifetime are quite aware of. Even babies who are still in their early stages of crawling are exposed to blue light technology.

But the question whether or not it affects our skin and health is an important question that one must be concerned about especially if you’re the type of person who spends hours on end on your computer or mobile phone.

The average daily use of most people spending time in front of their computer, TV or mobile phones is around 5 to 6 hours. Although blue light is unlike the ultraviolet rays of the sun there’s nothing wrong about taking extra precautions and for a start, it’s great to know how this affects our health.


What we need to know about Blue Light Technology?


Blue light technology is considered amongst one of the shortest but contains the highest wavelengths where the light spectrum is concerned. It found everywhere around us and is perhaps the reason behind the sky being blue in colour. It can be classified into natural and artificial blue light.

The natural blue light actually contributes to the betterment of our circadian rhythm, a term used to denote the regulation of our body’s body and wake cycles. On the other hand, artificial sources of blue light include the familiar light emitted from electronic devices and other types of lighting.




How does it affect our overall Health?




Inordinately exposing your skin especially to artificial sources of blue light technology can affect your skin in a negative way. It is even believed that this type of light can permeate into the skin’s dermis easily than the sun’s UVA and UVB lights.

Some studies even showed that prolonged exposure to blue light technology can lead to premature signs of skin ageing including increasing loss of moisture, worsened skin pigmentation, and skins conditions such as breakouts, acne or eczema.




Where our skin is concerned, we won’t be able to experience the negative effects of blue light technology immediately but on the other hand, it’s a different story altogether where our eyes are involved.

When our eyes are exceedingly exposed to it, especially at times when we are oblivious that our face is only mere inches away from our mobile devices, we are prone to the instantaneous hazardous effects of blue light.

Indeed, there had been studies conducted which showed that excessive exposure to blue light over time could deduce to macular cellular degeneration also leading to loss of sight.

Although, natural blue light is said to have positive effects during the day including increased alertness and reaction times, improve our mood and overall feeling of positivity, the overexposure to such, however, especially at night could lead to eye strain, headache, as well as mental and physical fatigue.




As previously mentioned, blue light does have something positive to celebrate during the day it contributes to improved alertness, mood, and feeling of overall well-being. Unfortunately, at night can cause adverse effects to the circadian rhythm which may perhaps lead to depression, heart disease, obesity, and other serious conditions.


How to prevent excessive exposure to Blue light?


Although, it might be a challenge for some majority who are required to spend hours in front of the computer because it’s part of their job and we all need to make a living, don’t we? There are rudimentary ways in which we can do in order to reduce exposure to blue light. Here are some of them:

  1. Don’t stare too long at the screen. Once in a while try to look away or blink more often. This actually helps reduce eye strain and fatigue.


  1. Regularly clean your computer screen or your mobile phone to get rid of the glare.


  1. Other than the fact that sitting too long on your chair can cause back problems, standing up and taking frequent breaks also takes the load off your eyes too.


  1. You can invest in Blue Light Filter Glasses which are designed to reduce the effects of blue light and protection for your eyes.


  1. Consider installing device applications that filter blue or green wavelength at night.


  1. If you can avoid it, don’t strain your eyes at least one to two hours of bright light before going to bed.


  1. Avoid your mobile phone especially when it’s dark and you’re in a lying position getting ready for sleep.


  1. Consider using dim red lighting at night since it actually has the least control in shifting circadian rhythm.


Now that you are well aware and have been warned about the negative effects of Blue Light, you may want to consider the tips we have previously mentioned to take better care of your skin, eye, and overall health. Indeed, prevention is always better than cure so be vigilant in taking precautions especially since our health is priceless and these types of risks are definitely not worth it. So, if you can avoid it, better do what’s necessary to secure your optimal health.




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