10 Simple Rules to Apply: Make Choosing Non-Toxic Skin Care Easy
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10 Simple Rules to Apply: Make Choosing Non-Toxic Skin Care Easy featured image by Love Thyself

Figuring out whether the products you’re buying are toxic or non-toxic can become overwhelming for some people. When you’re at the checkout counter, do you often wonder whether the shampoo or facial scrub you’re purchasing for example contains only natural ingredients? Some often find difficulty in choosing the right products that are safe for them to use as well as the environment because they’re not familiar about the ingredients.


Purchasing products that contains nasties is not only dangerous for your skin and health but also harmful towards the environment. That is why knowing a little about common ingredients that are safe and good or harmful and toxic gives you an advantage and lifts the confusion and complexity in choosing what to purchase.


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So how do we start to understand the common ingredients found in personal care products? Do we need to take up a chemistry class in order to make our decisions less confusing and overwhelming? I’m kidding of course! No, it’s not necessary to go into such lengths. Simply do simple steps that will correspond with your lifestyle.


10 Simple Rules to Apply to Make Choosing Non-Toxic Skin Care Easy


  1. Take a closer look at your personal care products. Evaluate the products you already have in your possession. Check which products you will continue using and those that you decide not to buy. Keep in mind that you need to look beyond the labels that you see. Most brands spend millions on greenwashing for example to mislead people. So, best to check the ingredients and see which ones contain toxics and avoid buying them in the future.


  1. Don’t use a lot of products. There’s a saying that less is always better and this is indeed true. The more products you use, the more chances you expose yourself to bad ingredients if you’re using conventional products.


  1. Prefer products for multiple uses. You can actually save money if you go with products that have several uses. For example, you can use your natural soap as a shaving cream, use your shampoo as a body wash or use a facial cream as a primer before your foundation to keep your skin supple. Buying fewer products also helps the environment since you minimise waste. Always remember though to check the label first for any warnings on how to use the product correctly.


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  1. Select products which have fewer ingredients. It doesn’t mean that products with more ingredients are better. In fact, it’s safer to choose personal care products with fewer ingredients. Some brands use lots of fillers which are usually synthetic and toxic so less is better.


  1. Don’t give too much attention to the packaging. I used to be guilty to this as there are brands that spend a lot of money on making their products look neat and gorgeous. Instead we should pay attention to those with less packaging which means less waste. Too much packaging is simply a waste of our planet’s resources and contributes to unnecessary waste in our landfills.


  1. Resist the temptation to buy. The market won’t be short on new and exciting products so it’s really up to you to resist the temptation to buy more. If you already products that contain natural and safe ingredients, and you’ve already tried using them and it works wonders on your skin, then there’s no need to purchase new products at all. This way you save money and reduce waste.


  1. Review the ingredients on the product. Take time to review the list of ingredients and familiarise yourself with its contents. It would also be a good idea to do some research on the ingredients that you are not familiar with so you have an idea whether you’re exposing yourself to toxic ingredients or not.


  1. Go for mineral makeup. There are too many makeup brands and even mineral makeup that can be frustrating as well. However, it’s been said that mineral makeup contains fewer chemicals than conventional makeup that’s why it’s safer and better.


  1. Ignore the name dropping market strategy. Indeed name dropping is a form of market strategy that is widespread nowadays. I guess you’ve heard that endorsers never forget to mention repeatedly the name of a product or brand and what it does. Check the ingredients first and does some research before you get swayed by this business strategy.


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  1. Make a decision as to which are acceptable to your or not. Don’t pressure yourself too much on being too strict on the products you use. Keep a simple list of products that you like that contain safe and natural ingredients and stick to these. This is one way of empowering yourself by choosing only those that are safe to use as well as the environment. Doing this will also teach manufacturers who are used to using toxic chemicals a lesson.


These rules are fairly simple to apply in your day-to-day routine. Despite its simplicity, you’ll realise the positive effects it will do on your life and our planet. So, give it some time until you’re able to do all these rules at your own pace. It’s never too late to do what’s right and good and these rules will certainly do positive things that you can look forward to.


Love Thyself promotes brands that uses natural and even organic ingredients, so if you’re interested to search for products that would help you achieve these rules, then we can definitely help you with that! For access to our numerous brands, click on this link.


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