Looking for a Health and Beauty Affiliate Program that pays great commission?

11 reasons why the Love Thyself affiliate program is one of Australia’s top affiliate programs:

  1. You receive 12%-50% commission on all sales (higher for super affiliates).
  2. 90 day cookie period, so you make more sales.
  3. Promote hot, in demand products that sell easily.
  4. You get banners, email copy, videos and tracking links to make promotion as easy as possible.
  5. We are fanatical about helping you make more sales, so we are always tracking, testing and tweaking our website and products to help you make more sales.
  6. You get support and training from our experienced staff.
  7. You get a 25% storewide discount on any products you want yourself.
  8. You get paid each month for any sales you have made the previous month.
  9. We retarget all traffic you send to us to help you make more sales.
  10. Get access to affiliate only specials.
  11. Become a guest contributor to our blog and generate traffic back to your site.

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How does our affiliate program work?

It’s simple! Apply to be an affiliate and when you are approved you will receive your own affiliate login and affiliate links:

  1. You place your affiliate links on your website, social media profile or in an email.
  2. When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link the person is tracked back to you.
  3. When that person places an order it will be tracked in your affiliate account and you will receive an email letting you know you made a sale.
  4. We will review the sale for authenticity and approve it.
  5. You will receive your commission payout on the 15th of every month for the previous calendar month (if your balance is at least $25) via your bank or PayPal account.
  6. We then try and keep the customer coming back by providing exceptional service and you get paid on every purchase they make, forever.

And don’t forget, after you are approved, you will receive a discount code that gives you 25% off all products so that you can do genuine product reviews and make sales (#1 way to make affiliate sales).

You send us customers, we send you money!

We don’t ask you for anything, except your savvy in becoming an affiliate and having an Australian bank account. An inclination to natural and organic products is a plus!

You may promote our products through search engines, posting articles or comments in public internet forums, sharing via social media like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, or creating your own videos. Or simply emailing your family and friends about our products. Having a website also helps but not necessary.

Don’t forget to use the affiliate link that we will supply you with when sharing our products so that when your friends or family buy from us, you get a commission from the sale. It’s that simple!


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