Which is More Effective: IPL Hair Removal or Epilation?
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Hair removal is a constant struggle for women and while there are ways that can help you get rid of hair on your own without having to visit a salon, it’s definitely one of the best options for you to choose the former because you don’t have to worry about booking your salon appointment any more. Women these days are independent and are usually short on time which is why the razor happens to be the best friend for most of them. However, shaving your legs isn’t always the ideal solution because the hair gets thicker with time and this is something you would need to do at least two to three times in a week.

According to a recent survey, epilation and IPL happen to be the most popular hair removal solutions that women are opting in for these days. If you’re wondering which amongst these you should choose then here are some details about epilation as well as IPL and how you can differentiate which one is more effective.



Epilation is a cost effective way to get hair removed from your body. This is something that you can do at home with the use of an epilator. There are various kinds of epilator machines available in the market but it is always recommended to choose something that is easier and can be used in the bath during your shower as well. You can check out the best epilator reviews by Radar Magazine in this guide available online. Wet dry epilators are less painful as compared to dry epilator and they do not create as much ingrown hair as a dry epilator would result in.

Epilators can usually be used with people who have different kinds of skin. If you have sensitive skin then an epilation procedure might be more painful to you as compared to waxing. Epilation is not expensive because it’s something that you need to invest in once and you will be able to use for as long as you want. Since an epilator can give you smooth skin it helps to pluck out every strand of hair and this hair will take a longer time to grow.

The time that an epilation procedure will take is less as compared to waxing and the hair will grow back after a month which is similar to when you wax. Once you invest in an epilator you don’t have to worry about visiting a salon to get a wax done. Unlike waxing which does require assistance from another person epilation is something that you can do independently. It is always recommended to take your time to research the various epilators available in the market so that you invest in the new model that will cause less pain and will help you to treat the various parts of your body including your intimate areas.




IPL or intense pulsed lighting is a new technology that is used to take off the hair from your body permanently. It is similar to laser but it is more intense because it focuses on each follicle of hair rather than a circular patch of your skin. IPL is not recommended for people who are dark skinned because it cannot manage to focus on the hair follicles when your skin is a little darker tone. Similarly if you have very light hair growing on your body then IPL will not be able to detect the hair follicles and this session will prove to be ineffective.

While IPL could be great for people who have dense hair on their body it does take a few settings before you can get rid of the hair on your body permanently. The best part about IPL is that you don’t have to worry about going through the sessions over and over again because it is permanent solution.

However, the process of IPL could be lengthy and there are times that you could end up with a skin blister because of the intense heat that comes out of this machine. While it does not hurt as much as epilation it isn’t the best solution if you got light hair or if you are of a darker skin tone. IPL is generally more costly as compared to an epilator and it’s not something that you can do at home.


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